Libra Daily Health Horoscope for April 5: You may need to slow down

Libra Daily Health Horoscope for March 5: You will experience better clarity of mind today, but you will have to be on your toes at work.
Libra Daily Health Horoscope July 29
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Tamanna C Published: 5 Apr 2022, 07:29 am IST
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Dear Libra natives, your health will be stable today. You will give your mental and emotional well-being the priority they deserve, and also you may also focus on slowing the pace of your mind. You will have better clarity of thought and be more confident about decisions you are about to make professionally and personally.

Work will be hectic and you will find it difficult to balance between pleasing your clients and pleasing seniors. You will receive some grief for not being able to manage your meetings and schedule. Try to be better organized. Situations at work will be complicated and you may have to brainstorm and even seek external support or advice. Don’t jump to conclusions or make decisions about people at work. Tomorrow will be a better day for clarity. Long work hours can delay plans for evening, but your family and friends will understand.

On the home front, you may find family members will be bickering among themselves and they may drag you into their problem. The best way to deal with people is to listen to them and advice them to handle their problem rather than telling them what to do. Otherwise, it will back fire later.

Your partner might be cranky or demanding. Spending time with them will help them feel better. Socially, a friend may turn to
you regarding some confrontation about past issues. Be more calm and address their concerns. Eventually, it will all get sorted before the day ends.

If you are single, you will reconnect with someone from the past through common friends. At first, things will be awkward, but eventually you both will feel more relaxed.

Activity tip: Do something creative like painting or writing today.
Lucky colour for work: Dark pink.
Lucky colour for love: Mauve.
Health tip: Don’t jump to conclusions.

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