Leo Health Horoscope 2023: Mind your stomach and emotions in the New Year

Leo Health Horoscope 2023: The New Year is about leaving the past behind. That's what you must do for your mental health., and avoid indulging in emotional eating too.
Leo health horoscope 2023
Know what the stars indicate for your health and relationships for 2023.
Tamanna C Published: 24 Dec 2022, 12:00 pm IST
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Leo natives, you have to lay the foundation of new relationships this year. But before that, you need to take emotional responsibility for yourself and others. You tend to take up more than what you can handle and then get bored. You need to break free from this pattern and root yourself to what’s important. You will get clarity this year about important personal matters, but you need to forgive people from the past and embrace the new.

Leo Yearly Predictions for Health 2023

On the health front, you will be bothered by stomach, lower back and allergy-related issues. Watch what you eat, when you eat and where you eat from. You might have to be regular with some treatment or exercise in order to build your core muscle. Avoid emotional eating, else there are chances of your health getting worse due to putting on weight.

Leo Yearly Health Horoscope 2023: Work and mental health

On the work front, the year will start with a bang. You will be the center of attention at work. You will have multiple opportunities to choose from and might even seek help from family to make the right decisions. Expect more responsibility, power or role at work from March to June. Post September, there will be a relaxing period as work will be on auto-pilot mode. Overall, it will be a fulfilling year for career. While you will row financially, you will also make some serious investments and make changes in your lifestyle, upgrade your car or renovate your house after June due to which you might feel a financial pinch.

Leo Health Horoscope 2023: Love and relationships

On the family front, you will be irritated with a family member about their reaction and attitude. Don’t focus on what’s missing, focus on what other people are doing for you. Your partner will be stressed and low regarding their career. Expect things to get better for them after April, but till then their mental health will need attention. Avoid showing off your success, else it might create a drift between you and them. An older family member’s health will need attention may and November December. This could even involve a surgery or hospitalization. If you have children, their education or change of school will be your priority around June-October.

Your social life will be slow till April after which you will make a conscious effort to get in touch with old friends. You may even end up making plans of travelling or reuniting with them. You will also meet new like-minded people while travelling around November-December. If you are single, there are chances of heartbreak till April. Avoid getting into any relationship before June, and don’t expect a commitment till about October. Go slow on building a long-term relationship.

Health tip: Prioritize your life.

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