Leo Daily Health Horoscope for Feb 1: You need to take a chill pill!

Published on: 1 February 2022, 00:01 am IST

Leo Daily Health Horoscope for Feb 1: Adequate sleep and water intake will ensure your health is in shape, and you need to take a chill pill on the work front.

Tamanna C
Leo Daily Health Horoscope Feb 1
The key to a healthy gut is to have enough water.
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Leo Health Today

Your health will be stable but due to disturbed or lack of sleep, you will feel brain fog. Remember, that getting a minimum of 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep is always recommended by experts. Apart from this, you may be susceptible to some stomach-related problems. You will be feeling acidic due to recent irregular eating patterns. The key to a healthy gut is to have enough water and to keep your diet light and stable. Eat on time during work hours, and do not keep your food last on the priority list.

Leo Career Today

Work will be busy and hectic. While tasks will keep you on your toes, you can manage it by being a better organiser. Expect to get work from old clients. Don’t ignore decisions made by others at work. Even if you don’t agree with them, put it across in a subtle manner so that you make your point without rubbing anyone the wrong way. You will have to help co-workers with their pending work as seniors will trust you more. You have been getting extremely aggressive about work and it won’t go down too well with people around you. Learn to find a balance, and do not lose your cool.

Leo Family Today

A family member might be going through some personal dilemma and you might play a role in sorting them out. The least you can do is lend an ear. An older family member’s health will also need attention. You will bail out from plans made with your partner and friends because you may want to spend more time with your family today.

Leo Love Today

If you are single, you will be very moody! You will be mentally pre-occupied and that is the reason why you may not be going all out on the romance front. Be more mindful about what to say to those you are connecting with today, or you end up upsetting them.

Leo Activity Tip: Spending time amidst nature will help. It always has a calming effect on the mind.

Leo Health Tip: Don’t take things personally.

Tamanna C Tamanna C

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