Gemini Daily Health Horoscope for Feb 22: A detox diet plan is recommended

Gemini Daily Health Horoscope for Feb 22: You need to be vigilant for our health conditions and take necessary actions which are healthy for your gut. A detox diet is recommended
Gemini Daily Health Horoscope July 29
Try to rest.
Sheetal Shaparia Published: 22 Feb 2022, 00:01 am IST
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Because most of your astrological planets are deposited in lower progressive houses, the Gemini health mark will be quite hard at this moment. To stay on track with your health, you may have to overcome previous health issues. For Gemini moon subscribed natives, Rahu will be in the 12th house of loss and hospitalization, and Ketu will be in the 6th house of health, which will express health issues through multiple means at this moment. It is recommended that you should take necessary precautions for your well being and do not indulge yourself in any of the unhealthy eating habits which may hamper your health.

During the period of this manifestation, Saturn will be in your 8th house of obstacles for some time , which won’t be good for your health. You will need to be particularly watchful about your health, as you are more likely to experience minor but frequent health difficulties. Typhoid or other types of complications or inflammation in the stomach may harm you. It is recommended to go on a detox diet for the sake of your gut. A nutritionist or dietician may help you in getting a planned detox diet course which will heal the stomach issues. Also, you can try some detox drinks at home to reset your gut. To stay ahead in all areas of life, you will need to be particularly watchful about your health, and a healthy diet can help you with that.

Jupiter, the earth of progress and healing, will give you the most up-to-date interpretation of your health situation. So, add a nutritional diet to your regular food eating habits, and as they say, if your eating pattern is correct, over 90% of conditions will be kept at bay, and your health will improve. You just need to eat right and clean food to maintain the course of your health.

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