Gemini Daily Health Horoscope for Feb 17: Light meals are best to avoid inflammation

Gemini Daily Health Horoscope for Feb 17: Involve your family in healthy eating and spending some time with your family and loved ones is the biggest flex for a de-stressed mind.
Gemini Daily Health Horoscope July 31
Avoid overeating.
Sheetal Shaparia Published: 17 Feb 2022, 12:01 am IST
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Appreciate your physical health today. Tolerance and internal tranquility will also come to you today. Parents’ health is presently good, helping them to maintain the peace at home. Involving your family in healthy eating and cooking wholesome meals for them will keep them healthy. Allowing stress or strain to affect your health and life isn’t a good idea. Spend some time with your friends or partner to de-stress your mind. Don’t let stress take a toll on your work life. Seasonal infections and conditions like the common flu, winter allergies will continue to impact you at the end of the day. Make sure you consume some healthy food and warm drinks to feel better.

By the end of the day, you may be depressed or bothered. It’s advised that you take a well-justified break from work. In the last few hours of the day, your blood pressure may rise, so keep an eye on your nutrition. Also, stress level can be a major cause of high blood pressure, so make sure you give some rest to yourself by the end of the day. During this time, you may have health problems like stomach infection, indigestion, headaches, and fever. Your dinner should be a light meal today, and you should avoid unhealthy, oily foods as much as possible.
Stale foods, which are high in calories, should be avoided since they cause inflammation. It is important to encourage children to start eating healthy meals. It’s a good idea to have some bitter tasting foods which are healthy in your diet now, such as methi and bitter gourd.

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