Capricorn Health Horoscope

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Yesterday: May 23 Capricorn

Dear Capricorn, your health is getting better as you are making efforts to follow a healthy lifestyle. Keep up the good work!

Someone at work might be upset with you. You will have to sit with them, have a chat and resolve the issue in a professional manner. Don’t let things become personal.

Today, a sibling might turn to you for relationship-related advice. Make sure you address their concerns and give them the right advice.

Singles will be confused about their feelings about a recent connection.

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Today: May 24 Capricorn

Dear Capricorn, you will make efforts to bring discipline to your health routine. Avoid eating out and have home-cooked meals only.

Today at work, your seniors and team members will acknowledge your hard work and will start trusting you more. 

A family member might be upset with your recent behaviour. Don’t retaliate and own up to your faults. Spend some time with your partner to discuss the future.

Singles will plan a date with someone they recently met through common friends.

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Month: May 2022 Capricorn

This month, if you and any of your family members are feuding, the conflict will be resolved and everyone will be happy. You will always have the love and support of your family and the blessings of your parents. Your feelings for your siblings will only deepen. Your parents’ health should always come first, so make sure to feed them at the appropriate times. It’s possible that your children’s misbehavior will continue to cause you stress, but their joyous antics will also bring you joy.

This month, you and your spouse may disagree on a number of issues, and these disagreements may come to light. It’s possible that you and your partner will have a hard time putting your faith in one another. Problems can be solved if they are discussed openly; otherwise, they will worsen.

This month will be a good one for family members who are considering making a proposal to you in the form of a marriage proposal. Everyone will like a good idea at some point, and it will come from somewhere. Avoid making snap decisions and think things through thoroughly if you find yourself in this position.

Fortunately, your health will be preserved, but you must exercise caution nonetheless. Lifting heavy objects can cause a sprained spine, so use caution.

You don’t want to wait for this to get worse before you do anything. So, keep this in mind before you begin.

There will be no worries of any kind for you in this state of mind. You’ll have a fresh sense of vitality every day.

About the expert:

Mr Pankaj Khanna is a Delhi-based astrologer and gemologist. He is the chairman of Khanna Gems.

Year: 2022 Capricorn

As per the Health Horoscope 2022 forecast, your year could begin with minor health problems springing up occasionally. For some, the beginning may also bring recovery from the past illnesses or sickness, since Saturn will travel from its own home. This is likely to develop your stamina to battle or recover from constant health troubles, particularly relating to pain in the joints or successive body aches. You will be focused and will go to all lengths to keep yourself fit – be it with eating or exercise patterns.

This inactive recovery cycle will last till April when you might confront minor issues because of the travel of Saturn in the subsequent house. You may experience a few toothaches and/or pain in the feet. But your fighting spirit will keep you going. You should be cautious if you have cholesterol, blood pressure and blockages since the lifting of the Sun in your fourth house will build up health issues. You could also be prone to heart-related issues. You should get a routine check-up and indulge in exercise or jogging to improve your blood flow.

The travel of Rahu post-April might bring a few issues relating to allergies on your body and you will be prone to food contamination during this period. You are advised not to take any self-medication for anything. Taking the advice of a doctor is the best option, even for minor issues.

The time-frame post-July will be better as it will bring back the stamina in you. Additionally, you will be able to manage any difficult situations in a better manner. The third quarter of the year will be a healing period and the last quarter will be great in terms of health.

Health Tip: Remember to keep going.

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