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Yesterday: May 23 Cancer

You will be in good health today, your health is getting better so keep following a healthy lifestyle and stay hydrated.

On the work front, things might get delayed on other people’s end. Don’t get irritated and focus on things that are in your control.

Your family members might be upset with your recent behaviour. Instead of getting defensive and flipping out on them, try to understand their perspective and own up to your mistakes.

Singles need to be picky with their choice of date.

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Today: May 24 Cancer

You need to stop overthinking your minor health issues. You are making something out of nothing, so try to relax your mind by meditating.

Today, you might get stuck in work politics. Stay patient and things will fall back into place with time.

Some past issues might surface on the family front. If someone is upset with you try to have a conversation with them and try to listen more. Socially, you will withdraw to spend time with your partner.

Singles will want some alone time.

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Month: May 2022 Cancer

Your family’s harmony will improve this month, according to the stars. All family members will have a greater sense of trust in each other than ever before. Your siblings will be a great source of encouragement and support as you work toward your goals. Families tend to be more spiritual, and there’s a good chance that some kind of religious event will take place in the house. The busyness at home will continue as a result of the constant presence of family members. During this time, remember to be gentle with yourself.

For married people, especially housewives, this month is going to be a good one. This month, their husbands may surprise them with a gift or something new,
which will deepen their affection for one another. If you and your spouse are estranged, this month will bring an end to your separation issues.

Couples looking for a life partner may receive marriage proposals during the month of August if they are still single. For some reason, a conversation between two single people will begin and then abruptly end on social media. If you’re in this situation, it’s best to be cautious in advance.

This month isn’t good for your health, and you’re more likely to get sick than usual. Keep in touch with your doctor if you already have a serious illness; if you don’t, it could worsen suddenly. If you have to leave the house for work, do so
with caution.

While your physical well-being will be compromised, your mental well-being will be unaffected. With each passing day, you’ll discover a fresh supply of inspiration and vitality within.

About the expert:

Mr Pankaj Khanna is a Delhi-based astrologer and gemologist. He is the chairman of Khanna Gems.

Year: 2022 Cancer

Expect 2022 will be a mixed year for Cancer natives who can face obstacles on their way towards improvement in various fields of life. For Cancer natives, the year probably won’t get off to a positive start. You may experience occasional issues like allergies and skin inconveniences. Every last bit of it would be a direct result of Jupiter travelling in the 10th house.

Ensure that you stay extremely cautious in the first half of the year. Try not to worry about things and make a fight out of them, suggests the health horoscope 2022 for the Cancer sign. Funds might inconvenience you, may upset your well-being and give you issues concerning your nervous system.

During January, you should consume fluid substances in your food as  you might have issues in your stomach or kidney. The middle of the year will make your health solid. According to a psychological perspective, this year will be somewhat trying for you. In this manner, make an honest effort to keep yourself solid and continue to do yoga and meditation according to your necessities. The last month of the year will be great as to your health.

Furthermore, you can work on your well-being based on your fearlessness. It will be smarter to try not to work more than enough. Once in a while, due to being associated with more work, you might feel both physically and intellectually drained. Try not to eat outside food as these food varieties can bring about gastric or acidity issues. Include activities like yoga and reflection in your daily schedule. Due to the prevalent negative conditions, you must take care of the seniors in your family.

Health Tip: A little progress each day adds up to big results.

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