Cancer Daily Health Horoscope for April 8: Pay heed to your lifestyle to keep health issues at bay

Cancer Daily Health Horoscope for April 8: It may be work-related stress or just plain lethargy. But nothing is worth putting your health on the backburner.
Cancer Daily Health Horoscope July 29
Drink plenty of fluids.
Tamanna C Published: 8 Apr 2022, 12:01 am IST
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Your health will need attention due to water retention or acidity-related issues. You need to follow home remedies in order to balance this. Avoid too much salty or sour food, or even oily and spicy foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are the flavour of the season. Indulging in some physical activity will help you feel better. You should also balance your water intake, else dehydration will make you feel worse health-wise.

Work will be stressful during the second half of the day due to mistakes made by others. You will have to step up and make amends. Don’t crib! Just take responsibility for sorting the mess out. In the end, you will be acknowledged and appreciated for your efforts. Financial stress will bother you due to certain stuck investments. Avoid worrying about it. It will settle with time, but you must not delay organizing your paperwork or it might backfire.

There may also be stress on the family front as you will be critical towards other people’s behaviour without seeing their point of view. You can face a harsh reaction from someone you’ve hurt because of your criticism. Watch your aggression. Sometimes, silence is golden. A sibling might turn to you for finance-related advice.

Avoid bickering with your partner over something they may have said in the past. Let bygones be bygones. Just live in the moment. 

Your social life will be hectic. Just make sure you don’t over commit and under deliver!

If you are single, you will connect with someone interesting while socializing. Keep your mind open

Activity tip: Deep breathing exercise during work hours will help.
Lucky colour for work: Grey.
Lucky colour for love: Dark blue.
Health tip: Don’t make impulsive decisions.

  • 105
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