Aries Daily Health Horoscope for May 20: Follow a healthy diet

Aries Daily Health Horoscope for May 20: Avoid eating junk food as it is degrading your overall health condition.
Aries Daily Health Horoscope July 26
get back to your workout routine.
Tamanna C Published: 20 May 2022, 00:01 am IST
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Dear Aries natives, your health will need attention today due to a lack of sleep and nutrition in your body. Off late, you have been indulging way too much in junk food and today it will take a toll on your health. Even though you have slept enough, you will wake up feeling tired and low on energy.

On the work front, things will need attention due to delays from other people’s end. You need to be pushy to get the work done. Taking a back seat today will not help. You need to be more assertive when making decisions. Organize your schedule for the next few days for a smooth workflow. Old clients will touch base with you regarding new work. Avoid playing blame games with people at work. Stuck finances will clear during the second half of the day.

On the family front, avoid unnecessary ego clashes with family members. You will have to let go of nagging issues and forgive someone from the past in order to buy your peace of mind. A sibling could be going through some work-related issues, you will give them some advice and also help them connect with people who could help them out in the future.

Avoid bickering with your partner over financial matters. They could be going through stress they haven’t shared with you. Give them the confidence to share with you rather than being critical towards them. Friends will turn to you to make plans for a get-together. Since you have a lot on your plate, you will pass the opportunity and ask someone to make plans while you could just drop in to meet him or her for sometime.

If you are single, you will withdraw and spend some alone time due to a mentally exhausting day.

Activity tip: meditate post-work to de-stress yourself.
Lucky colour for work: Light blue.
Lucky colour for love: White.
Health tip: Be attentive.

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