Aquarius Daily Health Horoscope for May 3: Give your mind and body a boost

Published on: 3 May 2022, 09:36 am IST

Aquarius Daily Health Horoscope for May 3: Mental health is equally important as your physical health, so it's time you find a balance.

Tamanna C
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Spending time amidst nature will help.
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A good night’s rest will charge you up and clear your mind. You will also spend time channeling your creative energies today. It will give your mind and body and energy a much-needed boost. You will consciously work on getting back to a balanced routine. Avoid eating out today.

Your work will be hectic and you may get caught between two people and their
politics. Be more active and responsible. Criticizing and ordering people to do won’t make your work any easier. Avoid being overconfident as it will back fire in personal and professional relationships. Try to spend some alone time
to refresh your mind and come up with a better plan of action. The end result of the work you do today will be appreciated with time.

Be a better listener towards family members and friends. Your family members will turn to you for advice on work. Be more grounded and less impulsive while giving them advice. An older family member will be concerned about finances. Avoid blaming them for their recent mistakes.

You should also avoid friction with partner over their lifestyle choices. Give them the space to be and realize things for themselves. If you impose your thoughts and beliefs on them, it will only lead to arguments.

Your social life will take a back seat as someone you were supposed to catch up with will face some issues at their end. Try to unwind before sleeping by reading a book or doing something constructive.

If you are single, you will reconnect with some friends.

Activity tip: Watching a cartoon or comedy movies will help you get your mind off stress.
Lucky colour for work: White.
Lucky colour for love: Red.
Karmic tip: Learn to let go.

Tamanna C Tamanna C

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