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Make Singhara a part of your winter diet for these 5 reasons!

Singhara is native fruit that you should add to your diet today! Read on to find 5 reasons you should include this superfood in your winter diet.
benefits of singhara
Eat water chestnut daily in winter! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Prachi Shah Published: 2 Dec 2022, 08:59 am IST
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Singhara, also called water chestnut, is a fruit known for being a natural coolant and has a high content of antioxidant properties. This fruit is quite starchy and contains a good amount of fibre. When we say singhara, the first thing that pops up in our mind is the singhara atta that we commonly use during fast. Did you know that winter is the season for this superfood? This excellent fruit offer several health benefits that can convince you to add it to your diet.

It is gluten-free, cholesterol-free and a good source of energy and protein. If you are still not tempted enough to make this delicious fruit a part of your diet, keep reading to find more reasons why you should eat more of this green delight!

Health benefits of singhara

Here are 5 ultimate health benefits of singhara or water chestnut you must know:

1. Low in calories

If you are someone who eats fruits regularly and wants to get those micronutrients from the fruits, water chestnut is a must. It is low in calories, and contains a very negligible amount of fat which makes this superfood good to consume during mid-day meals, especially when you feel hungry. This nutritious fruit contains a good amount of fibre as well.

benefits of singhara
Water chestnut or singhara is good for health! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Reduces stress

Is stress becoming a hurdle in your everyday life? You should add Singhara to your diet. It is rich in vitamin B6, which lowers stress and is a mood booster. Eating this fruit will balance your sleep hormones and will improve sleep quality.

3. Eases jaundice symptoms

Singhara helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Generally, people who are suffering from jaundice become very weak and their body fluids diminish quickly. Singhara, being a water fruit, is the best option to slow down the symptoms of jaundice and also speed up the recovery process.

4. Gives you glowing skin

Eating this fruit keeps your skin hydrated and protects the skin from pigmentation. This is also an anti-ageing fruit, which helps keep the skin healthy and glowing. Plus, it helps to cleanse the blood by removing toxins from the body and promotes better skin health.

5. Cures indigestion

Since it high in fibre, it helps digest food more efficiently. The advantage of fibre is that it helps food move through the large intestine. It absorbs water and softens stools, which helps to cure indigestion and other digestive issues.

benefits of singhara
Singhara is good for your gut health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Water chestnut is unique and tasty. It has several unique benefits and can be eaten in many different ways.

Here are some ways to eat water chestnuts:

1. Eat as a mid-day meal or evening snack

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2. Stuff water chestnut into egg rolls or wraps

3. You can stir fry it and can and to your savoury greens

4. Saute it and add it to your lentil salad or wholesome soup

Make this water fruit a part of your diet today!

  • 183
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