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This winter befriend gond and get these 7 amazing benefits in return

Are you pregnant or want to lose some kilos? Whatever the case might be, gond is going to be your best friend.
kamarkas laddus
Laddus are a great way to include kamarkas in your diet! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 19 Nov 2020, 05:38 pm IST
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There are some winter staples that you can’t get enough of, and gond is one of them. Remember those good old days when our dadis and nanis used to make us eat yummy gond ladoos. Well, that’s because this edible gum is very healthy and in winter is an absolute essential.

Gond or gondh katira is better known as tragacanth gum. When it comes to taste and scent, it has neither. It also happens to be viscous and water-soluble. Gond is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines due to its therapeutic properties.

Gond helps in maintaining good health, especially in the winter. According to nutritionist Salini Somasundaram from Columbia Asia Hsopital, Pune, gond helps in keeping our body warm and strengthen our immunity to deal with winter related infections.

Here are seven hardcore benefits of gond

1. Gond helps in lactation

For pregnant moms eating gond ladoos is a must and there is a very valid logic to that. Gond laddu or gond in general given during lactation period is beneficial for both mother and the baby as it helps them cope with nutritional requirements.

“Lactating mothers lose energy and fluids from their body while feeding the child. Eating gond can help them replenish their nutrient count,” said Ms Somasundaram.

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2. It is great for gut health

Gond katira possesses purgative properties and is very helpful in treating constipation. It works as a laxative.
It helps in curing throat problems

Gond is commonly used in herbal Ayurvedic medicines to treat cough as well as diarrhea. You can either make a kadha or a powder (churan) and use it to
soothe your throat and stomach.

3. It also helps to cure mouth ulcers

“Ulcers are a byproduct of inflammation. Gond helps in reducing the effect of inflammation and inhibits mouth ulcers from popping,” explains Somasundaram.

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4. It keeps you feel calm

“Gondh katira possesses adaptogenic properties which increase the body’s ability to restore its normal physiological functioning as well as protect it from the damaging effects of stress,” says Somasundaram.

Gond and dry fruit ladoos are best to keep you warm this winter. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
5. It is great for your skin

Gond also has anti-ageing properties, which is beneficial for the skin as it delays the development of wrinkles.

“You can eat it or even prepare a mask to reap its benefits,” she suggests.

“Not everything suits everyone. Remember to drink plenty of fluids when consuming gond or else it might block the intestine,” Somasundaram concludes.

So don’t shy away from those yummy gond ke ladoos as you have a lot to gain from it, except weight.

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