These 5 Ayurvedic superfoods can help ease your anxiety

If anxiety has been bringing you down of late, then don’t worry. Try these five foods for anxiety recommended by Ayurveda to feel calmer and at ease.
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Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 26 Jun 2020, 21:52 pm IST
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The covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown, the rapid spread of the infection, uncertainty about its ending, financial losses, countless deaths, news of actors passing away, a war-like situation at the Indo-Chinese front, and a host of personal battles and demons to fight with—can it get any worse for our mental health? 

If you’ve been suffering from anxiety even since before all this began, chances are that these triggers have been making it tougher for you these days. If you have not had a tryst with anxiety before this, chances are that 2020 has introduced this terrible mental health issue into your life. Either way, the disorder which is characterized by a feeling of persistent worry that hinders an individual’s ability to relax (as per the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), can get the better of all of us. 

However, if it’s not as bad, talking about it, knowing your triggers, as well as being prepared for a panic attack that might stem from this anxiety can help you a great deal, apart from seeking medical attention and help, of course. 

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So can these five Ayurveda-approved herbs. Because you know what? These science-backed foods for anxiety can actually calm you down when you feel too overwhelmed. Check ‘em out and give ‘em a try:

1. Brahmi
A well-known memory-booster, brahmi is actually an angel in disguise for your mental health, overall. According to a study conducted in 1996, it has a calming, anti-stress effect on the central nervous system. In fact, another study conducted in 2003 showed that brahmi protects the brain from the harmful effects of stress. Thus, its daily consumption can help you battle anxiety really well by keeping you calm.

2. Bhringraj
Surely the scalp-nourishing properties of the bhringraj oil are known to one and all. However, oral consumption of bhringraj in the form of bhringraj herbal teas and powder dissolved in water, can detoxify your body, promote oxygen supply to your brain, and make your brain healthier and stronger, enabling it to ward off stress and manage its effects better.

3. Ashwagandha
There is no denying the fact that ashwagandha is one of the most popular ayurvedic herbs—thanks to its multiple health benefits such as boosting stamina, immunity, reducing inflammation, and fighting off cognitive and neurological disorders.

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Powder, whole, or capsule – Ashwagandha is bliss in every form. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

Hence, it should come as no surprise that the versatile ashwagandha can help you manage and reduce anxiety as well. The extract of this herb possess calming properties and promote anti-stress adaptogenic activity in your brain, or so, says a 2003-study.

4. Ghee
Several Ayurvedic journals and experts talk about the calming properties of the consumption of ghee on a daily basis. Many suggest dipping a finger in ghee and massaging your nostrils gently with it to pacify mild anxiety. But you can cash in on the calming, anti-depressant properties of the good fats present in ghee by adding a teaspoon of it in your daily diet as well—unless advised against it by your doctor due to some other underlying health conditions.

5. Tulsi
Persistent or chronic stress can lead to inflammation in the body. If left unmanaged, this stress can quickly culminate into a mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression.

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benefits of tulsi
From body to mind, tulsi is truly a healer! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

However, Ayurveda suggests consuming tulsi as a preventive measure as well as a remedy to fight stress and anxiety due to the presence of antioxidants that can help reduce the oxidative stress and free radicals produced in the body as a result of stress and anxiety. You can even try tulsi drops for some relief.

So try these foods for anxiety, along with regular exercise and meditation to tame that overwhelming stress and panic. And remember, these foods are not a substitute for medical help and you MUST seek professional counselling if your anxiety is hindering your day to day life. 

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