Soha Ali Khan takes to Instagram to share awareness on COVID 19 related precautions

Soha Ali Khan took to Instagram to share tips on maintaining COVID 19 precautions.
Soha Ali Khan
Soha Ali Khan regularly shares her fitness routine with her followers. Image Courtesy: Facebook
Grace Bains Updated: 10 May 2021, 16:46 pm IST
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Coronavirus has caused widespread suffering and India is facing an unprecedented healthcare and humanitarian crisis fighting the second wave. A number of precautions are to be taken to keep safe from being infected and further transmitting the virus and we are seeing several celebrities and public figures such as Madhuri Dixit raising awareness about measures that can be taken with this regard.

Rang De Basanti fame actress Soha Ali Khan is one such celebrity who recently took to Instagram and made her fans aware about the basic precautions, such as wearing a face mask, washing hands and staying at home, that one can follow to stay safe against COVID 19:

In her post, Soha has shared a selfie of herself, however, at the borders of her picture, you will see a set of COVID 19 precautions such as ‘Stay Home, Get Vaccine, Wear Mask, Donate and Wash Hands (sic).’ Soha then takes to the caption to emphasise the necessary steps that can be taken:

1. Staying Home

Staying at home can help break the chain of transmission and this is perhaps the most simple and effective step one can adopt to fight this virus. 

2. Sanitizing

Ensure that you are constantly washing your hands and mask with soap water. A sanitizer can also be used to clean your hands, especially when not at home. Sanitizing the surfaces at home with a disinfectant should also be considered to minimise the risk of being infected. 

3. Wearing mask

They are pivotal in saving lives against the deadly COVID19 outbreak and also in preventing further transmission

4. Donating

Donating money, supplies and services such as medical aid will go a long way in preventing suffering associated with the pandemic.

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5. Getting vaccinated

Fully vaccinated people have a reduced risk of acquiring or transmitting COVID-19, so book register and book your slot already. 

Soha mentions that she is doing her part and urges others to do the same, the post read, “I support #IndiaFightsCorona by taking the necessary steps. She also nominated Anya Singh and Niranjana to share COVID 19 precautions on their Instagram handle, part of a challenge by B612.  

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