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Top 3 reasons why the mighty mulberry needs to be in your summer diet, shares Rujuta Diwekar

The health benefits of mulberry are too many to ignore! So, dear ladies, don't go by their size, and know how they can be great for you.
There are enough reasons why you must eat mulberries! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 10 Apr 2022, 23:39 pm IST
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Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar is always all for making people eat local! In her latest suggestion to diet and wellness-conscious people, she has sung praises for the humble shahtoot or mulberry. Its sweet and juicy flavour is a delight for those who love berries in general. Want to know more about the health benefits of mulberries? Read on.

According to Diwekar, this fruit is also called tuth or tooti. “It is abundantly available everywhere in our part of the world. All we need now is the education and awareness that this fruit is not just super healthy but bloody priceless,” she adds before outlining why everyone must eat this seasonal fruit.

mulberry and health benefits
Mulberries are also great for diabetics. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Health benefits of mulberry:

1. Great for eyes:

Given our long working hours and urge to be updated on social media, there is a natural tendency to spend endless screen time, unless you cut it down consciously. If you end up spending too much time online and feel eye fatigue or dryness, zeaxanthin in mulberry can be helpful for you, Diwekar points out. Even nutrition expert Lovneet Batra vouches for the benefits of mulberry, saying it helps to reduce oxidative stress in cells that form our eyes. Apart from that, mulberry is even believed to protect the retina from harmful UV rays.

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2. Great for immunity

At a time when there is heightened interest in boosting immunity, mulberry can be your season favourite fruit apart from noshing on other summer delights such as watermelon, melon and mango. “This is the best vitamin shot that you can take to keep you flu and congestion-free this season,” says Diwekar.

3. Weight loss

If losing the weight you may have piled on through the winter season seems a struggle, try adding mulberry to your diet. Diwekar says, “If you want to lose weight but keep feeling bloated”, go for mulberries as they improve digestion and have anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, did you know that a cup of raw mulberries would only have 60 calories. Now that also makes it a great snack, isn’t it?

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Mulberry is great for health also because of these reasons

Apart from the health benefits of mulberry stated by Diwekar, people also know shahtoot as a fruit that may work wonders in controlling blood sugar levels. A recent study, published in the Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences revealed that drinking mulberry tea can reduce sugar spikes brought on by eating!

Given that mulberries are rich in antioxidants, they are also wonderful for effective blood circulation and for ensuring blood pressure control.

Mighty convinced now to nosh on shahtoot, aren’t you?

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