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5 reasons why red radish is the winter delight you need to nosh on!

Winter is the time to stock up on red radish and enjoy a myriad of health benefits these red globes offer. Choose them crisp and eat them fresh!
cholesterol controlling vegetable
Here are 5 superb health benefits that you can reap from radish greens. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 11 Jan 2022, 06:00 pm IST
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Winter is the best season to stock up on all the nutrients in your diet with a great variety of vegetables and fruits to choose from. Amongst the winter veggies, red radish is in its full glory and look like Christmas baubles on display at each vegetable corner.

Every time I go vegetable shopping, this strange but vibrant red bulb-like vegetable seems so inviting and I end up buying them. The outer skin of this variety of radish is red while it’s sparkling white on the inside. Hence, it makes for a perfect addition to your salads for a vibrant look and spicy crunch. However, there is more to this pretty-looking veggie than we see.

Other than adding a splash of colour to your diet, red radish has low calorie levels. They brim with vitamins B and C and offer umpteen health benefits to your body.

Furthermore, there are gains galore of this seasonal delight that we shouldn’t miss out on!

Rubaina Adhikari, Dietician and Fitness Enthusiast, spoke to HealthShots about the good qualities of red radish and why you need to make it a part of your winter diet.

“Red radish is one of the healthiest vegetables to add in your diet, especially in winter. This root vegetable, commonly known as ‘lal mooli’, is nutritious and serves many medicinal functions.” says Ms Adhikari.

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Here’s why you should gorge on red radish this winter:

  1. Protects from cough and cold

Winter brings health problems like cough, cold and flu with it. Radish is beneficial when it comes to eliminating mucus. Eating radishes can help ease a sore throat as it can clear up the phlegm off your chest. They can work well for you if you have a recurrent sinus problem. Its mucus-removing properties can help clear up the sinuses.

“Red radish can cure the common cold and cough as it is hostile to congestive elements and clears our throat”, says Adhikari.

lung cancer
Trust red radish to take care of these seasonal maladies! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Good for stomach and liver health

Due to their powerful detoxifying capabilities, red radish can rid your liver of toxins. The high fiber content in these red bulbs prevents constipation and is good for your gut health. This little vegetable can flush the stagnant bits of food from the colon and cut the risk of many digestive health troubles.

3. Prevents cancer

Well you might not know, but radish can be really effective in eliminating any risk of developing cancer cells in your body. They contain a compound known as glucosinolates, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Moreover, it is known to induce apoptosis, which is responsible for causing cancerous cells to die.

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4. Facilitate weight loss

Red radish not only add a spunk to your bowl of plain salad but it helps satiate your hunger pangs too. These tubers have no fat content, few calories, no fat and low carbs which makes it a perfect food for weight watchers. In addition to this, they have a low glycemic index, which aids in an increased metabolic rate and regular bowel movements! Stock up on radish in winter to get your summer bodies!

indian thali
Shed some pounds just be eating red radish everyday! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Regulates your blood pressure

Calling it a wonder vegetable, Adhikari says, “In winter, blood pressure problems are very common and red radish helps in maintaining it.” Radish is packed with potassium. And many studies have confirmed the link between intake of potassium and regular blood pressure. Potassium interacts with the network of blood vessels and loosen them up so that your body receives a good blood flow. Munching on radish regularly can reduce high blood pressure and correct the blood circulation in your body.

So ladies! Nibble them raw with other greens in your salad. You can also pickle them or shred them and add to your curd or raita. Munch on some fresh red radish and boost your health this winter season!

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