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Prunes for bones: Protect yourself from osteoporosis, arthritis with this superfood

What can prevent bone problems like osteoporosis and arthritis? Well, prunes are healthy for your joints and bones. If eaten regularly, they can prevent bone loss as well!
Eat prunes for these health benefits. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Aayushi Gupta Updated: 10 Feb 2023, 17:49 pm IST
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It’s very essential to keep bones healthy and strong, after all our bones support us and allow us to move. Not only this, but they also protect our heart, brain, and other organs from injury. A person with strong bones feels more energized all day long. Given all these advantages, maintaining strong bones is crucial for our overall health. But do you know how to stop bone problems, including joint discomfort and bone loss? Well, prunes aka dried plums are a fruit that can rescue your bones, so include them in your diet today!

How prunes can help with bone loss?

Anyone, at any age, can develop osteoporosis, a disorder in which bones become brittle or weak. It is four times more prevalent in women over 50 than it is in men. When women reach menopause around the age of 45 to 50, their chance of developing osteoporosis rises. More than 200 million women globally suffer from the condition, which results in over nine million fractures annually.

One of the latest studies on the fruit, published this year in the journal Advances in Nutrition, demonstrated through clinical trials that eating 10 prunes every day for one year improved bone density in the forearm, lower spine, and knees and helped protect bones by slowing or reversing bone issues.

Prunes can be helpful. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

To understand the benefits of prunes and how they can help protect bones, Health Shots reached out to Dr Rakesh Nair, Consultant knee replacement Surgeon at Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Chembur, Mumbai.

Dr Nair says, “Arthritis and osteoporosis are two of the most common health problems that affect the bones. People having these conditions suffer from symptoms such as bone pain, stiffness, swelling, inflammation, decreased range of motion, lower back pain, and bone loss. To deal with these conditions and prevent such issues you need to make sure to include prunes in your diet.”

Benefits of prunes for bones

Prunes include polyphenol compounds, which work as antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and reconstruct the bone. Prunes are also jam-packed with potassium which is good for bones. Thus, prunes can prevent bone mass in women with osteoarthritis.

This is how eating plums can benefit your health! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Prunes, according to Dr Nair, are advantageous for people who have bone problems. They are abundant in copper, magnesium, and vitamin K, all of which are crucial for maintaining strong bones. Apart from bone health, prunes can benefit your overall health as well. Here are other benefits of eating prunes:

  • It can prevent early signs and symptoms of ageing because it’s loaded with antioxidants.
  • It doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels.
  • A high amount of fiber present in it helps deal with gut issues.
  • Nutrients such as vitamins B and C in prunes can help control hair fall.
  • Prunes can keep cholesterol levels in check and good for your heart as well.

Here’s how you can eat it

You can eat them in the form of snacks, add them to baked items prepared at home, blend them in your smoothies, or eat them as a jam. It will be imperative for you to eat in the quantity recommended by the expert.

So ladies, take charge of your bone health and add these magical and powerful prunes to your diet and notice the difference.


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