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I ate triphala every day for two weeks and you won’t believe what happened

I truly believe in the power of Ayurveda. And so, I decided to take a plunge and try triphala for a few weeks to see the benefits myself.
triphala for gas
Triphala can be great for your tummy! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 29 Jul 2020, 13:02 pm IST
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My mother and nani couldn’t talk enough about just how beneficial triphala is. Whenever I had a digestion problem, they would be quick to suggest that I consume triphala. I was a little skeptical at first but recently, I decided that my trust in Ayurveda should be extended to triphala as well.

But, before I started consuming triphala, I Googled it—like a true millennial—to decipher what is the big deal about this Ayurvedic supplement to begin with. Here’s what I found… 

Triphala consists of three medicinal plants: bibhitaki, amalaki (or amla), and haritakihas. It has earned a global reputation for being a powerful medicine with healing properties to treat various health ailments. 

Four or five days after I began my triphala journey, I started noticing minor results! I could feel my skin texture getting better. Day before yesterday, I completed two weeks of my friendship with triphala and the results I saw were astonishing, to say the least!

I was blessed with nice skin, my pigmentation and acne reduced significantly, my gut health improved, and I also lost a couple of kilos as well! Excited by these results and wondering what the long-term benefits of triphala were, I got in touch with Lovneet Batra, a renowned nutritionist from Delhi NCR. 

She opened my eyes to the plethora of benefits that triphala has to offer:

1. It detoxifies your gut
According to Dr Batra, triphala aids natural internal cleansing that detoxifies our gut. This, in turn, helps in digestion and prevents constipation by improving the bowel movement.

Keep your gut healthy with triphala. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. It boosts immunity
The combination of the three fruits makes a powerful herbal medicine that protects and fights any infection. Triphala nourishes the body with nutrients which helps in boosting immunity.

3. It can solves all your skin problems
Triphala is a rich source of antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory in nature. The antioxidants in triphala fight various skin infections and help in reducing acne-causing bacteria, giving you soft and supple skin.

4. It’s a natural laxative
“Triphala is a natural laxative and can be used to treat chronic constipation. Unlike other laxatives, triphala isn’t addictive and doesn’t make you dependent,” explains Dr Batra.

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5. It aids weight loss
Proper elimination of waste and digestion are two of the important factors that contribute towards maintaining your weight. Triphala does this job perfectly. Incorporating triphala in your weight loss program can be extremely helpful. Triphala also helps you feel satiated by secreting cholecystokinin, a hormone that signals the brain that you’re full.

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6. It is beneficial for your eyes!
People like you and me who use their smartphone 24/7 and are constantly looking at their screen really do need triphala in their lives. Triphala maintains your eye health and keeps your vision sharp. It also protects you from several eye ailments like glaucoma, conjunctivitis, and cataract. To reap its benefit, you can consume it orally or use the triphala water to wash your eyes. But, please consult your doctor before doing this.

If you are always on your smartphone then your eyes need the goodness of triphala. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

“According to Ayurveda, there are mainly three doshas and triphala is that one tonic that balances all of them. I highly recommend including this in your diet,” concludes Dr Batra.

How much triphala should you consume?
Dr Batra suggests consuming powdered triphala by mixing it in warm water just before you go to bed. You can drink this two to three times a day, but I had triphala once a day and reaped all these benefits.  

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Finding nirvana in good food, Shreya also loves reading books and is a die-hard Potterhead. Confident and motivated she's fun to be with. Plus food. Always. ...Read More

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