6 powerful health reasons that prove hibiscus flower belongs on your plate

Hibiscus contains antioxidants and essential compounds like anthocyanins and flavonoids which come with many health benefits that balance blood pressure, lower
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Chetna Pattnaik Published: 21 Aug 2020, 17:39 pm IST
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The beautiful ruby coloured flower known as hibiscus is very commonly found in Indian streets and Hawaiian dreams. But, it has more benefits than just being a pretty ornamental flower. The plant contains antioxidants and essential compounds like anthocyanins, and flavonoids which come with many health benefits.

Widely consumed all across the world, mostly as a lemony beverage, hibiscus tea has the power to balance your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol level and stabilize blood sugar as well.

Let’s take a look at the ways in which hibiscus can be beneficial for your health:

1. Lowers blood pressure
In a study titled ‘The effect of sour tea (Hibiscus sabdariffa) on essential hypertension’ published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, it has been found that having tea made from the Hibiscus sabdariffa species for around twelve days lowered systolic blood pressure by 11.2% and diastolic pressure by 10.7%. The participants of the study were individuals with moderate hypertension.

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2. Lowers blood sugar
High blood sugar levels have an impact on the functioning of your nerves, eyes, and kidneys. Moreover, it increases your chances of getting a heart disease. However, a study suggests that taking a twenty-one-day course of hibiscus flower extract orally can reduce blood glucose levels.

3. Lowers cholesterol
High levels of cholesterol, that clogs up your arteries, can shoot up your risk of heart disease. That’s why you need hibiscus. Oral consumption of hibiscus flower extracts can lower total cholesterol levels by as much as twenty-two per cent.

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It also increases levels of HDL cholesterol a.k.a good cholesterol. It is the saponins that are present in hibiscus that bind to cholesterol and prevent the body from absorbing them.

4. Improves hair growth
Crushed hibiscus leaves have been used as a soapy paste for hair wash since time immemorial. It promotes healthy hair growth and strengthens the hair. So, shampooing your hair with hibiscus seems like a great option if you are looking for the healthy growth of your mane.

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5. Immunity booster
Your immunity is your body’s ability to fight diseases. Hibiscus flower extracts are said to stimulate T cells and B cells—the ones which fight infections. So, start with a daily cup of hibiscus tea to strengthen your body’s defence mechanism.

6. Prevents skin cancer
You know how harmful the UV rays of the sun can be for your skin.  Not only that, but certain harmful chemicals are also known to promote skin cancer. Consuming hibiscus might just have a protective effect. Occasional application of hibiscus extract before exposure to UV rays can partly restore levels of protective enzymes that prevent cellular damage.

Now you know that this flower isn’t just pretty but also very powerful when it comes to your health!

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