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Here’s what drinking amla-jeera water in the morning can do for your health

Amla and jeera are both powerful ingredients on their own. What happens when they come together for this magical health potion? Read on to know more.
jeera water for weight loss
Amla and jeera are a match made in heaven. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Published: 27 Nov 2020, 17:08 pm IST
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Most of us do not realise that our kitchens provide a treasure trove of unmatched ingredients that offer health benefits like no other! We are always on the lookout for fancy remedies to weight loss or skincare, but little do we know that there’s nothing better than going natural. 

For instnce, over the last few years, apple cider vinegar has become all the rage. Every health freak or fitness influencer swears by this magic potion that promises weight loss, and various other health benefits. But did you know that we can make an even more potent potion right at home with some powerhouse ingredients that are already in our pantry? We are talking about amla jeera water. 

Yes yes, we know it sounds awful right? But remember, no pain no gain. Plus, developing a taste for something like this means you are going to reap benefits in the long run. Amla and jeera are both known to enhance your health, and when they come together, you know it’s going to be a firecracker of a combination. 

So, let’s understand what makes amla and jeera so coveted, and why you should religiously have amla jeera water every day. 

The aura of amla

Amla reminds us of our dadis and nanis, who would painstakingly make pickles with this berry, every time we visited them in summer. The tangy taste would make your taste buds go on a whirlwind ride, and that’s an unforgettable memory for sure.

Whether you eat amla raw, juice it up, or consume it in powdered form, this berry always bestows you with some great health benefits. To begin with, it is high in vitamin C and boosts your immunity to keep bacterial infections out of sight. Now, that’s a win-win, especially during covid times. The vitamin C also makes amla a natural antioxidant, so that means it slows down the ageing process, and keeps your skin and hair healthy. 

flu symptoms
Beat seasonal flu with these tips! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Besides, it boasts of a range of polyphenols that are also said to fight against the development of cancer cells.

Ayurveda says that amla juice helps to restore balance in your body, and equalises all the three doshasvata, kapha, and pitta. So, juice amla and have it diluted with water every day on an empty stomach. It not just clears your system, but also improves your digestive processes, and helps you get glowing skin. And the best part, it also aids in weight loss — ta da! 

Along with vitamin C, amla is also rich in iron, calcium, and phosphorus. The amino acids present in amla help with hair growth, tackling hair fall, and so much more. 

Jazz up your life with jeera or ajwain

There’s really no Indian household that can do without jeera. Often used in traditional delicacies, cumin is used to add a distinct, nutty flavour, and is a hot favourite! And apart from being the most preferred condiment, it has some health benefits that you might not know of. 

It accelerates metabolism like no other — jeera also secretes some enzymes that help to promote digestion that eventually leads to weight loss. If you are someone who is struggling with irritable bowel syndrome and have symptoms like bloating, acidity, flatulence, and burps, then make sure jeera is a part of your diet. We promise your gut will be really happy! 

It is also mineral-rich and contains potassium, calcium, copper that also keeps your skin in good shape!  Jeera also contains thymoquinone that provides enhanced protection to the liver, and inhibits inflammation. It’s also a boon for those who are diabetic and are struggling to control their blood sugar levels. 

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And it’s also a saviour in corona times, because guess what? Jeera or cumin is known to boost the immune system, and promotes respiratory health.

amla jeera water
Beat seasonal flu with jeera. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Most people have warm jeera water to clear the mucus in their chest. The warm nature of this water soothes the chest, and provides instant relief from sore throat, cough, cold and related issues.

So, what happens when you combine the two?

Since both these ingredients have their own benefits, you can only imagine how helpful they will be, when they come together. Mix diluted amla juice into a glass of water with jeera seeds soaked overnight. We agree it won’t really taste the best, and might make you go “yuck”, but remember this is a potion that’s going to help you in unimaginable ways–especially when you drink it on an empty stomach. 

So ladies, try this water every day and see its benefits in no time!

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