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Feeling stressed? Trust these 5 Ayurvedic foods that’ll make you calmer naturally

We know that Ayurveda is extremely helpful when it comes to maintaining our physical health. But these Ayurvedic can help you manage stress as well.
skin and vitamin c
Vitamin C can help brightening up your skin by fighting free radical damage. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Partap Chauhan Published: 21 Jul 2020, 13:43 pm IST
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Has it ever happened that you’re under a lot of pressure and have a cup of coffee only to feel more jittery?

As it turns out, there is a direct link between what we eat and how we feel. Some foods—like the ones that have caffeine content and or high in sugar—can induce stress and anxiety. On the other hand, there are, what Ayurveda calls satvik foods, that makes us feel calm and relaxed.

So if you find yourself to be perpetually stressed, then try these Ayurvedic foods that can soothe the body and mind:

1. Ashwagandha
Ashwagandha’s properties that keep our blood pressure and blood sugar at optimum levels are well documented. But this herb also helps you feel calmer and beat stress. Available in tablet form, you can have it every single day, no matter how old you are.

This Ayurvedic herb can go a long way in boosting your health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Orange
Nature’s detoxifier, orange is rich in fibre, nutrients, and vitamin C. You can consume the raw fruit or even drink its freshly-squeezed juice. It can cleanse your body, calm your senses, and relax your mind like nothing else will.

3. Ayurvedic tea
Made of herbs like ashwagandha and bhringraj that have medicinal properties, Ayurvedic tea can be your best shot at boosting your mood instantly without having any negative effects on your body.

tea quiz
There’s a tea for every mood. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Almonds
You can have almonds when you feel like snacking. They come with loads of magnesium, and phosphorus as well as essential oils, vitamin E, fibre, protein, and good fat. Besides, almonds are natural antioxidants and help you destress.

5. Coconut water
For its nutrient content and soothing properties, tender coconut water is hailed as the elixir of nature. It takes care of the potassium needs of your body, and effectively reduces your muscular stress.

benefits of coconut water
Whenever you feel the desire to truly replenish your body, drink the coco up! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

These five miracle foods can go a long way in helping you beat stress, and lead a relaxed life!

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  • 79
About the Author

Dr. Partap Chauhan, director of Jiva Ayurveda, is an author, public speaker, TV personality and Ayurvedacharya. ...Read More

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