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Eat to lose weight with these 7 superfoods that can speed up your metabolism

Ladies, eat your way to a faster metabolism and a quicker weight loss with these 7 superfoods.
egg and paneer together for weight loss
A rich source of protein, eggs is just what your blood sugar needs! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 6 Nov 2023, 20:39 pm IST
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You know how a car automatically runs faster on an extra-premium petrol compared to normal petrol? Well, same is the case with your weight loss. With a faster metabolism, you can lose weight faster.

For the uninitiated, your metabolism is what’s responsible for how many calories you burn to carry out your basic bodily functions such as blood circulation, digestion, breathing and so on. This also includes physical activities such as sitting, standing, sleeping, walking, and running.

Needless to say, if you have a faster metabolism you will automatically burn more calories to carry out these basic functions. In short, it’ll make your life easier when embarking on a weight-loss journey.

Another piece of good news is that you can actually boost your metabolism with certain foods and lose weight quickly. Don’t believe us?

Take a look at those blessings:

1. Coffee

Coffee weight loss
GIF Courtesy: Giphy

Thanks to the presence of the metabolism-boosting caffeine, coffee is the weight-loss friendly beverage of your dreams. As per a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, coffee can speed up your metabolism by up to 11%.

In fact, a study featured in PubMed Central found that people who consumed 27 mg of coffee daily, equivalent to three to four cups, burned an extra 100 calories every day. So, grab that cup of steaming hot coffee (minus the milk and extra sugar), if you’re trying to keep your calorie intake in check.

2. Legumes and pulses
Firstly, these protein-rich foods are also packed with fibre because of which your body takes longer to digest them. This means that the body has to work harder and use more calories to break them down.

Secondly, legumes and pulses also contain arginine, an amino acid that can increase the rate of utilisation of carbohydrates and fats by the body.

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3. Chillies

Who would have thought that red hot chilli peppers could help us lose weight?

A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition revealed that chillies contain bioactive chemicals called capsaicinoids. These produce heat in the body, causing your metabolism and fat-burning process to speed up.

4. Apple

apple can help you lose weight
Image courtesy: Shutterstock

An apple a day keeps the doctor away and can even make your metabolism slay. Apples happen to be a rich source of vitamin B and potassium, both of which help turn protein and carbohydrates into energy. So, kickstarting your day with an apple can is a great way to boost your metabolism.

5. Eggs
A rich source of protein, your body has to work hard and burn more calories to digest eggs. In the scientific world, this is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF). But in the world of weight loss, it is simply called a blessing in disguise. Don’t you agree?

6. Broccoli

broccoli can make you lose weight
GIF Courtesy: Giphy

Glucoraphanin is the wonder ingredient present in broccoli as well as its other cruciferous counterparts like cauliflower. It can lower the count of fat cells in your blood, boost your immunity, and give your metabolism a much-needed acceleration.

7. Ginger
Just like chillies, ginger also speeds up your metabolism by increasing your body’s temperature. Additionally it can even reduce your appetite and help you keep your cholesterol levels in check.

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