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5 popular myths about eggs busted

Think eating egg yolk will make you gain weight? Well, that is a myth and here are some facts to bust some of the popular myths about eggs.
foods rich in vitamin B12
Eggs are good for health! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Manasvi Jain Updated: 20 Jul 2022, 14:26 pm IST
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Eggs are one of the most wholesome and protein-rich foods. Yet there are several myths hanging over its head! We are here to bust these myths about eggs with some hard core facts, so that you can enjoy it and reap health benefits from this highly nutritious food.

There is a lot of mystery around eggs which can be only solved by reading up facts. We have looked up the facts for you, so that next time you don’t have to think before having an omelet for your breakfast.

Health Shots reached out to Anjali Verma founder of Diet Destination, Nutritionist and Weight Loss Expert, who helped us crack these myths about eggs with some solid facts:

Myth 1: Eggs should not be eaten everyday

This is the oldest myth in the book when it comes to eggs that they should not be eaten everyday especially in the summers. Verma says, “There are no side effects. In fact, eggs are the easiest way to cover up a person’s protein count for the day. It nourishes your skin and hair and also has vitamin B12, B6, Choline, folate and vitamin D.” So, as we have all heard it Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao ande!

egg myths
Eggs SHOULD be eaten everyday!

Myth 2: Brown eggs are healthier than white eggs

Beep the buzzer because this too is a big fat myth! Not everything brown has to be healthier. “There are not many significant nutritional benefits; it is majorly to do with difference in flavour because of the breed of the hen. The organic brown one would taste better to some,” says Anjali.

Myth 3: Eating egg yolk can make you gain weight

We have often seen at shops that people demand for the yolk to be removed from the boiled eggs and just eat the egg whites. Well, they should know that they are throwing away the soul of the egg which has the most nutrition. The expert explains that egg yolk independently won’t make you fat, only a calorie surplus can. Removing the yolk will also lead to removal of a lot of vitamins and minerals, the most important one being the Vitamin D.

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egg myths
Egg yolk will not make you fat. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Myth 4: Eggs can increase your blood cholesterol level

Anjali Verma busted this myth with the fact that eggs are a great combo for protein and fat. The cholesterol in eggs does not have any significant effect on blood cholesterol level. In fact, they are packed with beneficial bioactive compounds. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is good cholesterol. It removes other types of cholesterol from the blood, so a little higher HDL level is not bad.

egg myths
Eggs are safe for your BCL. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Myth 5: Eggs should be washed to get rid of salmonella

Many believe that washing the egg from outside can wash away salmonella, a bacteria responsible for food borne illness. But shockingly it does the opposite. Washing allows these bacteria to move from outside of the shell to the inside. So, basically you may end up making things worse.


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