5 best millet flours to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels

A healthy diet is essential for a healthy body. Try these 5 best millet flours to control your blood sugar level and improve overall fitness.
best millet flours
Include the best millet flours in your diet and improve your fitness. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 1 Feb 2024, 02:30 pm IST
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Regular check-ups and monitoring the blood sugar levels is essential, especially for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It gives valuable insights about your body and helps you make positive changes in your lifestyle. One cannot deny that eating habits play an important role in a diabetes patients’ life as it directly impacts the cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Making minor changes in your diet plan, like using millet flours in place of regular whole wheat flour, can be beneficial. This group of small-seeded grasses are rich in dietary fibers that help maintain the health of your digestive and cardiovascular system. Besides lowering blood sugar levels, they also promise to manage weight and improve mood. We have compiled a list of the best millet flours for you!

What is millet flour?

Millet flour is one of the best alternatives to wheat-based flour. It is derived from millet grains, which are highly nutritious and offer a wide variety of health benefits. This flour is packed with essential vitamins, nutrients, proteins, fiber and antioxidants. The presence of catechins and ferulic acid in this flour protects your body from oxidative stress, heavy metals, heal wounds and more. These flours contain high levels of soluble fiber, which produces a substance in the gut to control fat and cholesterol. Unlike regular flours, it helps control blood sugar levels, improves digestion and takes care of your heart health.

5 best millet flours for a healthy body

Replace your regular flours with the best millet flours in India to get all the nutritional values and achieve a healthy body:

1. Naario 9 in 1 Millet Flour

If you are looking for millet flour for heart health, this one from Naario might be the perfect choice for you! It is infused with the goodness of 9 super grains, including bajra, ragi, barley, soybean, maize, oats, jowar, flaxseeds and chickpeas. It is a great choice for vegetarians as this flour is packed with plant protein. Rich in dietary fiber, it helps improve digestion, manage weight, control blood sugar levels and gives you a feeling of fullness. The presence of micronutrients contributes to healthy brain functions, immunity and haemoglobin level. Additionally, this flour contains soluble fiber, which leads to lower bad cholesterol and boosts overall heart health.

2. Earthen Story Certified Organic Millets Flour

This NPOP certified organic millet flour from the Earthen Story is formulated using stone grinding method. This leads to lower heat generation and better retention of natural oils. This flour is packed with the goodness of finger millet, barley, pearl millet, sorghum, and black chana flour. Regular consumption of this chemical-free and Non-GMO flour helps in constipation, weight loss and digestion. It provides essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, calcium, iron, fiber and minerals. Beyond improving gut health, millet flour health benefits include boosting immunity, improving muscle mass and enhancing skin, hair and nails health.

3. The Millet Company Natural Millet Flour

The Millet Company Natural Millet Flour comes in a combo pack of 3, including ragi flour, jowar flour and bajra flour. It is sourced from a special untouched geographical region in India. Additionally, this flour has been minimally processed to protect their natural flavour, nutritional values and colours. It is high with fibres, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which are essential for a healthy body. Low in calories and sugar, this chemical-free and Non-GMO flour is a great choice to include in your diet.

4. Siridhanya Flour Combo

This millet flour combo pack from Siridhanya is sourced from Millet Amma, which is popular for its organic farming. It is packed with the goodness of unpolished foxtail millet flour, unpolished barnyard millet flour, unpolished browntop millet flour, unpolished little millet flour and unpolished kodo millet flour. This flour promises to reduce bad cholesterol, helps in weight management, build muscles and improve the functioning of kidney, liver and immune system. Being rich in vitamin A, B, calcium, phosphorus and fiber, this millet flour is a great choice to include in your diet. Additionally, the brand claims that the product is organic and free from harmful chemicals that make it safe to consume.

5. SUPPLE foods Multi Millet Flour

If you are looking for millet flours for diabetes, try this one from SUPPLE foods. This nutritious, healthy and delicious mixed millet flour is made with a blend of 7 different millets, including foxtail, kodo, little, barnyard, pearl, finger and jowar. This millet flour promises to help manage weight and improve gut. The brand states that the product is free from gluten, GMO and additional preservatives.

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Benefits of millet flours

The best millet flours for blood sugar control helps you improve your diet chart and have a healthy body:

  • Millet contains fibre, which contributes to digestive health. Additionally, the presence of prebiotics helps improve the gut health and immune system.
  • Regular consumption of millet flours can protect cardiovascular tissues and reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • The high concentration of amino acid and tryptophan can reduce symptoms of anxiety and improve your mood.
  • It can reduce the chances of the formation of Type 2 diabetes. Regular intake of this flour can manage blood glucose level.
  • Furthermore, including millet flour in your diet can manage obesity and high cholesterol.

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