Best brown rice: 5 top choices for diabetics

Are you looking for ways to make your meals healthy? Include the best brown rice in your meals.
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Include the best brown rice in your diet and control your blood sugar spikes. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Updated: 13 Jun 2024, 08:41 pm IST
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Diabetes patients have to be careful about their diet. Generally, it is advisable for diabetics to avoid eating rice as it contains high glycemic index, which can lead to spikes in blood sugar. But rather than eliminating rice from your meal, try switching to a healthier alternative like brown rice. Loaded with antioxidants, fibres, vitamins and minerals, this type of rice has a high nutritional profile that helps maintain a healthy body. High fibre content of this rice may improve digestive health, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, boost fullness and help in healthy weight management. Adding to that, it also contains magnesium that may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So, here is a list of the best brown rice that you may use in place of regular white rice and keep a check on your health.

6 best brown rice brands

Check out this list of the best brown rice brands in India:

1. 24 Mantra Organic Sonamasuri Unpolished Rice Brown

24 Mantra Organic Sonamasuri Unpolished Rice Brown can be a good addition to your diet. The brand claims that the rice is grown without using any synthetic pesticides, which makes it a healthy choice. It promises to boost the energy level in your body and help you stay active. Regular intake of this rice may also provide you with the benefits of protein, antioxidants and phytonutrients. The brand also claims that this rice is free from GMOs and gluten.

2. SHRIALAMAHAL Fitness Brown Basmati Rice

If you are looking for brown rice for weight loss, this 4 kg packet from SHRILALMAHAL might be a good option. This gluten-free rice promises to boost metabolism and burn excessive fat. The brand states that this rice can add a good amount of fibre to your diet, which helps with digestion, bowel movements and healthy weight management. It contains a low glycemic index, which may help regulate sugar spikes in the blood. This rice also contains a natural GABA neurotransmitter that helps increase I.Q. level. Moderate consumption of this rice can also enhance the immune system, keep your bones healthy and help you stay fit.

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3. Gropure Organic Brown Basmati Rice

Gropure Organic Brown Basmati Rice is unpolished one that has high fibre content. This organically grown rice is rich in antioxidants and may help reduce the cholesterol levels in your body. It also promises to keep your gut healthy and help you stay fit. The brand claims that this rice is free from chemicals and pesticides, which makes it a healthier alternative to other types of rice.

4. 3 S Brown Rice

3 S rice comes with a 1 kg packet that can help you meet your nutritional needs. Loaded with essential nutrients, this brown rice for diabetics can help lower cholesterol level. This rice also contains carbohydrates and proteins that are essential for leading a healthy lifestyle. The presence of fibre in this rice keeps a check on your digestive health, regulates bowel movement and gives you a feeling of fullness, thus maintaining a healthy weight. The brand also states that it is free from any preservatives that may cause harm to your body.

5. Natureland Organics Brown Rice

Natureland Organics Brown Rice may help you lead a natural and healthy lifestyle. The mild, nutty flavour of this rice may add a different taste to your meal. Packet with essential nutrients, this rice may help keep the blood sugar level in check. The brand states that this rice is hygienically packed to maintain its health benefits.

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What are the benefits of brown rice?

Brown rice benefits your body in multiple ways, from regulating the sugar spikes in the blood to improving your energy levels. Some of its benefits include:

  • Brown rice is loaded with certain bioactive phytochemical compounds that are associated with nutrigenomic implications as per a study published in the National Library of Medicine. The rich nutrient profile of this rice like magnesium, selenium, vitamins and minerals helps improve the overall health.
  • Regular consumption of this rice may help improve your metabolism, bone health and immune system.
  • It contains high fibre content, which helps improve digestion and bowel movement. This rice can give you a feeling of fullness, prevent overeating and may help maintain a healthy weight.
  • The low glycemic index of this rice may help regulate the blood sugar spikes. Switching it with white rice can be a good option for diabetics. It may manage the blood sugar levels and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes as per NIH.
  • The presence of fibre, antioxidants and healthy fats in this rice may reduce the risk of heart diseases, stroke and high blood pressure.
  • These rice are free from gluten, GMO, and synthetic pesticides, which makes it a healthy and safe choice.
  • It is a low calorie food, which means it can help you stay satisfied for a longer period and reduce the likelihood of overeating, thus supporting healthy weight loss.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Is brown rice safe for diabetics?

Consuming white rice can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. Switching it with brown rice can be a healthier alternative as per BMJ journals. It contains low glycemic index and may help reduce body weight and increase HDL cholesterol levels. But brown rice should be consumed in moderation as along with its rich nutrient profile, it also contains carbs, which needs to be regulated for diabetics.

  • Is white rice better than brown rice?

White rice is not better than the brown one as it contains a starchy endosperm. Brown rice contains nutrient-rich germ, bran layers of grains, vitamins, minerals, magnesium and other essential nutrients. It also helps maintain a healthy body by keeping a check on the weight, metabolism and blood sugar levels.

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