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7 reasons why you need to add more of the often-ignored bathua to your plate

Bathua, also known as pigweed, is a very nutritious winter vegetable that has multiple health benefits.
how to make bathua saag
Bathua saag is your winter BFF! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 9 Dec 2020, 09:58 am IST
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There are so many reasons to look forward to winters and one of them is the abundance of green vegetables! Methi, palak, sarson ka saag and bathua flood the vegetable market and help you make your meal plates more green. Out of these, one can’t deny that bathua is lesser-known and often ignored in spite of it being super nutritious.

Today, we’re going to talk to you about bathua and what it can do for your health. We’re hoping to convince you to add more of it to your diet in order to boost overall health and steer clear of various ailments.

You see, bathua is a powerhouse of vitamins A, C and B along with being rich in essential minerals and antioxidants. It is a good source of amino acids, iron, potassium, phosphorus and calcium, making it very healthy to consume.

Here are seven reasons why bathua needs to be on your plate this winter:
1. Repairs cell

Bathua is rich in amino acids. Given that a large proportion of our cells are made up of amino acids, it can play a major role in the functioning, repair and formation of the cells.

2. Relieves constipation

Rich in water content, bathua is also a good source of fibre and has laxative properties that can promote digestion and relieve constipation.

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3. May help with weight loss

As per USDA data, a 100 gram of bathua contains only 43 calories. Hence, it’s perfect for those trying to watch their weight while also eating healthy.

4. Purifies blood

You probably already know that you need a good diet for good skin. In fact, one of the prime reasons behind acne and frequent breakouts is the impurity of blood. Now, consuming bathua regularly can purify your blood, giving you flawless skin.

5. Promotes healthy hair

Since bathua is rich in protein, minerals, and other vitamins, it helps strengthen your hair from the roots. This results in a reduction in hair fall, making your tresses soft, shiny and healthy.

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winter hair care
Suffer from dry hair during winter months? Try out these tips now. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
6. Promotes eye health

Most of us have jobs that require us to stare at our screen for the majority of the day. Over time, this lifestyle can have an impact on our eyes. The zinc and iron content of bathua can ensure that your vision stays strong.

7. Good for dental health

Bad breath bringing you down? It is not only annoying but can get embarrassing as well. If you want to get rid of bad breath, bathua can be your one-stop solution. In fact, it can help you deal with multiple dental problems like bleeding of gums, sensitive teeth and so on.

You can add this vegetable to your diet in various forms ranging from saag and sabzi to paratha, raita and roti!

  • 69
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