5 seeds with the power to boost your immunity that you must eat every morning

Make these seeds a part of your morning routine and see how your health improves in a matter of day.
seed smoothie for hair loss
A power smoothie made with these seeds will give you the hair of your dreams! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 19 Aug 2020, 17:01 pm IST
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Do you end up feeling lazy and fatigued even after eating? Well, then there’s gotta be something missing from your diet. Have you added pretty much everything except for nutritious seeds to that diet chart? If not, then that’s what you’re missing out on.

We learnt back in 7th grade that there are five food groups that we need to include in our daily diet and they are – carbs, protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables, and fats. Unfortunately, we aren’t always able to include all these in our diet.

That’s why we end up feeling lethargic in spite of eating good meals, according to dietician Shalini Somasundram from Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune.

We’re here to give you a low down on five major seeds that you must include in your diet, especially as the world is affected by covid-19 since they’ll help you boost your immunity as well:

1. Sunflower seeds
If your diet lacks antioxidants, including sunflower seeds will correct that deficiency in your diet. Sunflower seeds are rich in antioxidants and have good fat. They are rich in magnesium and vitamin E. So, if you have pale skin, you must include these seeds in your diet.

seeds for immunity
Just add a teaspoon of sunflower seeds for healthy looking skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Sesame seeds
Yes, we’re talking about the humble til. In winters, it is a delight to eat plus sweets made of til keep you warm. Turns out, they’re also a powerhouse of nutrients.

“Sesame seeds are rich in zinc which is otherwise very difficult to obtain from our regular diet. Plus, it helps in boosting immunity and keeps you charged up for the day. But, you need to watch out for the quantity. Also, sesame is good for diabetic patients as well as it keeps the blood sugar level in check”, says Somasundram. One teaspoon daily can be super effective.

3. Hemp seeds
If you are vegan and worried about your protein intake, hemp can be your best bud. Hemp seeds are extremely rich in protein. They help in building muscle mass, provide energy, build immunity, lead to weight loss, and control your appetite.

seeds for immunity
Who knew hemp seeds would be so high on zinc quotient! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Hemp seeds have all the essential fatty acids that can help in preventing PMS symptoms. Plus, it can also help in treating insomnia”, she suggests.

4. Pumpkin seeds
Apart from all the nutrients like protein, potassium, and magnesium, there is one thing which makes pumpkin seeds a must-have and that is vitamin K. You won’t find this nutrient in many food groups and its deficiency can lead to low bone density. Vitamin K helps in binding the calcium in the bones, making them stronger. That’s why pumpkin seeds are a must for those who have fragile bones or arthritis.

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seeds for immunity
Pumpkin seeds shall fulfill all your progresterone needs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Sabja seeds
Yes, we’re talking about falooda seeds. Sabja seeds are rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which is known to boost metabolism and aid weight loss. Plus, flavonoids like vicenin, orientin, and beta carotene keep your immunity strong, keeping cold and flu away.

seeds for immunity
Trust basil seeds to meet your nutritional needs. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Soak a tablespoon of these seeds in water overnight and drink in the morning. From weight loss to immunity, sabja seeds will give you everything in abundance”, she explained.

Consuming 15 grams of these seeds early in the morning every day is a must. If you’ll take them on an empty stomach with lukewarm water, it will help in cleansing the body” she concluded.

Don’t concentrate on only the nuts. Add these seeds to your diet as well.

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