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5 reasons why you need to make friends with sarson ka saag this winter

Sunday ho ya Monday give yourself a daily dose of sarson ka saag and bask in its health benefits.
how to make bathua saag
Mustard greens are as tasty as they are healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 13 Dec 2019, 05:56 pm IST
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What is that one thing you absolutely love about winter? If piping hot food is your answer, then we must say that great minds think alike.

After all, come winter there are so many options to spoil us. From buttery parathas that just don’t taste the same in the summer to gajar ka halwa that makes us drool. But can you guess the kingpin of all winter delicacies?

Yes, you guessed it right: sarson ka saag!

Sarso ka saag not just offers scrumptious taste that you wait all year for, but it’s also healthy. You see, a study published on PubMed states that mustard leaves have a protective effect on the body–especially when it comes to diabetes.

But that’s not all! Sarso ka saag has a lot more to offer. Here are five reasons why this gleeful Punjabi dish needs your attention this season. So, shall we?

1. Mustard greens are a powerhouse of plant-based nutrients
Sarson ka saag is loaded with nutrients like phenols and flavonoids. Not just that, vitamins and minerals are up for grabs too. Plus, it is great for your gut as it is rich in dietary fibre.

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2. Mum dealing with menopause? Make her eat it too…
A study published in the journal The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that fibre-rich foods work miraculously when it comes to menopause–curbing down its symptoms like hot flashes. So, like a responsible daughter do ask your mum to befriend sarson this season.

3. Dear Sinus, it’s time to rest in peace
Nasal allergies mean an open invitation to sinus inflammation. But why fear when sarson is here. A study published in the World Allergy Organisation Journal suggests that vitamin C can curb sinus allergies–and FYI, mustard greens are very rich in vitamin C.

It’s time to breathe free. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Sarson – the stress master
A serving of sarson daily can keep you happy and stress-free. A study published in The Neurology states that mustard greens are a great source of vitamin K, which helps in taming stress and keep depression symptoms under check.

5. Mustard greens can also prevent acne
The high fibre content of sarson detoxes the body, while its vitamins control sebum production. The result? No more acne.

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Get ready to eat a whole lot of sarson this winter
It isn’t wrong to call sarson a multi-tasker. And you can still enjoy it the desi way with makki di roti, a little bit of jaggery, and ghee. So what are you waiting for? Christmas?

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