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5 reasons why superfoods must be included in your diet

Falling sick often? Eat superfoods that will not only build your immunity but help you lose weight and get fitter.
superfoods to eat every day
These reasons will help you understand the importance of superfoods in your daily meals. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock
Shifa Khan Published: 10 Jun 2022, 10:00 am IST
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Every day, we must inch a little closer to a healthier lifestyle. In today’s health-conscious world, people are becoming aware of what they consume and what it does for their body. This awareness is a great sign as it is essential to fulfill the needs of the body and keeps it strong against pathogens and diseases. Nutritionists and diet experts have been singing praises for superfoods for a reason. Therefore, one should eat superfoods to enhance not only our mind and body but also our mood and immunity.

Health Shots got in touch with nutrition expert S.N Rao, who rolled out various reasons why superfoods should be included in your diet.

What are superfoods?

Rao told Health Shots, “Superfoods is a relatively new term coined in recent decades. It refers to foods that provide maximum nutritional benefit with minimal calories. These can range from fish to vegetables to nuts, fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the body. Not only are these great supplements for our bodies but also palatable in our diets. They are rich in minerals and antioxidants that boost our immunity. It is scientifically proven that superfoods boost energy and reduce unnecessary cravings too.”

“Superfoods are also a viable option for people who are trying to lose weight, as they seldom contain heavy-calorie foods,” added the Managing Director and Chairman, Supreem Superfoods,

Foods for haemoglobin (1)
Eat superfoods to keep your blood count healthy! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Eat superfoods to reap these 5 benefits:

1. Weight loss

Superfoods are known to provide optimum nutrients to the body while still having a low-calorie count. This is good for people who want to lose weight in a healthy way and keep their body fit from the inside out.

2. Heart health

“Green leafy veggies are rich in iron and phosphorus, which are essential components for having a healthy heart. With the regular consumption of such superfoods, one can stay young and healthy for long,” says Rao.

3. Helps fight common cold

Foods like Amla and turmeric are enriched with nutrients that when consumed regularly, help fight diseases like the common cold, fever, and regular illnesses. In the changing seasons, it becomes important to protect ourselves and our loved ones from seasonal diseases. The monsoon season is an especially vulnerable time for adults and kids alike. Taking precautions in the changing weather is crucial.

4. Boosts energy

With a regular supply of proper nutrients in the body, an individual might notice changes in the form of enhanced and glowing skin, better health, and strong immunity. Superfoods also boost a person’s energy and reduce unnecessary cravings of the body.

5. Digestive health

Superfoods usually consist of fiber which aids the digestion process and keeps the tummy feeling healthy. It also provides the required vitamins and minerals and cleans toxins from the gut. All in all, superfoods cater to all the requirements of the body while balancing the calorie intake.

nutrients for hair
Look for foods with protein as it is a building block for your body. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What are some superfoods that one can make the most of?

  1. Foods like Amla and tangerines are a rich source of iron, phosphorus, and Vitamin C. They help in bettering one’s eyesight, nourishing hair, and alleviating digestive issues.
  2. Other foods like fish have an abundant source of protein with fewer fats, perfect for bodybuilding.
  3. “Vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, and kale are leafy, fibrous, and packed with immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals which help fight against common illnesses and certain types of cancer. Leafy vegetables also contain medicine-like nutrients known as flavonoids and carotenoids, which are essential in boosting the immune system of the body,” says Rao.
  4. A diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein is recommended for kids. A healthy diet also has dairy or another source of calcium, and healthy fats, like vegetable oils.
  5. Inculcating tasty superfoods like mushrooms and berries in kids’ diets can boost their immunity and protect them from falling sick easily. This will help their bodies receive proper dietary supplements at the initial growing stage itself. Furthermore, it will boost their immunity, protecting them from various bacteria and viruses.
  6. Additionally, superfoods are also a great alternative to unhealthy snacks. Kids are fixated on eating junk food and foods high in carbohydrates and fatty acids. Fruits, vegetable sandwiches, seed mix, nuts, and dairy products can be healthy alternatives to processed foods and snacks.

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