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This winter, nosh on sarson ka saag for a better metabolism and much more

Winter is coming and so does the season of sarso ka saag! These 5 benefits of sarso ka saag will force you to munch on them this winters.
health benefits of mustard leaves
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Shreya Gupta Published: 27 Oct 2020, 06:17 pm IST
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One of the most famous delicacies from Punjab, sarson da saag is widely consumed and loved by people of all ages. And even if you don’t love it, you must give it a try as soon as winter settles in! Wondering why? Well, because mustard leaves can improve your metabolism. This winter staple also has other health benefits as well! 

Don’t believe us? Then hear it from Seema Singh, chief clinical nutritionist, Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj as she points out the five benefits of sarso da saag that will make you lick your fingers!

1. It is rich in iron

“This green leafy vegetable is very rich in iron and can help keep haemoglobin levels up. When the iron level is maintained in your body, your chances of anaemia are also reduced. So sarson ka saag is women’s best friend,” says Dr Singh.

2. It improves metabolic activity

During the winters, we tend to get a little lethargic which can slow down the metabolism of the body. But sarson saag can help you keep up your metabolism. Dr Singh says: “Mustard leaves are rich in minerals that promote better metabolic activity in your body.”

sarson ka saag
Mustard greens are as tasty as they are healthy. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
3. It’s a good source of energy

The cold and the chilly winters drain our energy, because of which we don’t feel like doing much. Sarso ka saag can act as a charger! It is a healthy way of providing much-needed energy. “Adding ghee, butter, or jaggery along with sarson ka saag is an excellent option,” says Dr Singh.

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4. It also aids digestion

Dr Singh says: “Sarson ka saag is rich in dietary fibres that help promote good gut health. It ensures smoother bowel movement in your body and with better gut health the problem of constipation can be solved easily!”

5. It can help reduce bloating

If you are dealing with water retention or the issue of bloating in your body, then try sarson ka saag. Dr Singh says: “Mustard leaves are rich in potassium which is known for reducing water retention from the body.” So, if you want to lose water weight, you know what to do!

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