3 rock-solid reasons why the humble jowar deserves your attention

Updated on:31 January 2020, 17:02pm IST
It’s time to revamp your kitchen cabinet by replacing that box of maida with jowar flour instead.
Payal Kothari
Jowar is a superfood that is replete with nutrition. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Indians’ obsession with all-purpose flour aka maida knows no bounds. Not only do we use it in making our daily breads but it also stands out as one of the essential kitchen ingredients.

But the downside of this ingredient is its low nutritional profile. Well, fret not as there is a healthy alternative that can give your body the required nutrition without compromising on the taste quotient.

We’re talking about jowar. Jowar or sorghum needs no special introduction. This ancient grain is also called hurda in Marathi and ponk in Gujarati.

Now that the season is changing and the month of February is almost setting in, it’s time to make the most of this seasonal grain as the health benefits of jowar are aplenty.

1. Jowar can keep you satiated
Jowar acts as a perfect gluten-free snack or breakfast cereal. Having it as breakfast is sure to keep you full for a longer spell as it is a dense source of dietary fibre. A 100 grams serving of jowar can give you eight to 10 grams of fibre, which is great for your digestion and gut health.

Along with being gluten-free, jowar also aids in longer digestion as it a complex carb and further helps diabetic patients in controlling their blood sugar levels effectively. Try swapping your wheat rotis or breads with jowar rotis and add on it the goodness of ghee, which is a source of good fat.

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2. An excellent source of antioxidants
The phytochemicals present in jowar help reduce body inflammation and further protect you against cancers. Its other antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help prevent illnesses like common flu, migraines and even acidity. So, you can say bye to those frequent bouts of cold.

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3. It keeps cholesterol in check
The grain is rich in magnesium and iron too. Being a complex carb, it also helps in reducing weight and lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body.

So, without further ado, enjoy the many health benefits of jowar as it is one of the most nourishing and popular grains that is easily available in our very own country.

Payal Kothari Payal Kothari

Payal Kothari is an integrative nutritionist and gut health coach who believes all fad diets fail, but when a holistic approach is taken a transformation lasts a lifetime.