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10 healthy snacks you can binge on late at night without worrying about weight gain

If you can’t resist those late-night snacking sessions, then at least make them healthy with these dietician-approved options that won’t cause weight gain.
healthy snacks
The way you snack tells a lot about your health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 13 Jan 2021, 01:36 pm IST
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Is your growling stomach not letting you sleep at night? Do you desperately crave a late-night snack, but resist the urge to avoid weight gain? Fret not, because we have good news – now you can have those late-night snacks without guilt, because you are not going to gain any weight. All you have to do is pick a healthy snack. 

Late-night snacking isn’t a curse. In fact, you will be glad to know that even dieticians recommend some healthy snacking options that can very well curb those after-8 PM cravings. 

According to dietician and nutritionist from Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai, Amreen Shaikh, eating late night snacks is completely fine, but they need to be healthy.

She explains that eating fewer calories during the day leads to these midnight cravings. Instead, she advises one should eat a healthy and balanced meal throughout the day to help prevent post-dinner cravings.

“Do not starve throughout the day, Instead of starving yourself, have a small healthy meal/snack. Have a cup of green tea/green coffee, a fruit or a small bowl of fruit salad, or coconut water or soup, or even buttermilk, if you really want to curb those cravings,” she recommends.

But what if you still feel hungry during those hours? Well, she has a solution for that as well.

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Here are ten late-night healthy snacks recommended by Amreen that you can binge on:

1. Fruits: You can never go wrong with fruit, as there is no artificial sugar plus they are great for your digestive system.

healthy snacks
Keep your gut happy with healthy late-night snacking! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Vegetable sticks with hummus: If you don’t like eating veggies otherwise, pair it up with hummus, as it is not just healthy but tasty AF.

3. Yogurt: Yes, you heard it right. But by yogurt, we do not mean the ones that are loaded with sugars. You’ve to go sugar-free. You can add some chopped juicy fruits to it and make it more interesting.

4. Low fat buttermilk: In case you have sinusitis, you can avoid this, because it might lead to the production of phlegm.

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5. Soaked nuts: This way you can eat a larger quantity, and without any indigestion.

healthy snacks
Soaked raisins are really good for you. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Chilled milk: Well, if it is cold out there, then you can go for a warm glass of milk but with no sugar. If you want, you can add some jaggery or honey.

7. Homemade khakhra with homemade salsa: This is another yum late-night snack option and nutritious too. Don’t opt for packed khakhra, as they might have unsaturated fat and preservatives.

8. Crackers topped with masala peanuts: You can make a great peanut chaat, and indulge in it without guilt.

9. Chia seeds pudding: No sugar, but you can definitely use a little honey.

10. Fresh fruit smoothie: This is another snack that you can never go wrong with. “I would suggest you include fruits that have natural sugars so that you don’t have to add anything else,” recommends Ms Shaikh.

healthy snacks
Give your snacking a makeover with this strawberry and pistachio smoothie. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Although the right time to eat a healthy snack is between your major meals, if you still feel hungry, these options will help you out,” says Ms Shaikh.

Also ladies, this is quick. You can’t make late-night snacking a habit, because you must understand why you’re getting these cravings. According to Ms Shaikh, not eating a healthy dinner or being deficient in nutrients leads to post dinner snacking/cravings. The best way to avoid unhealthy snacks is by not storing them at home.

So now basically, late-night snacking is no longer a sin.

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