This easy baked bread pakora recipe is the ultimate healthy snack for the monsoon

Bread pakoras are a favourite monsoon snack and this recipe will allow you to enjoy them without any guilt.
bread pakora without bread
Baked bread pakora is the perfect monsoon snack that balances health with taste. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Grace Bains Published: 7 Jul 2021, 17:56 pm IST
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Monsoon is right around the corner and it’s the perfect time to have your favourite snacks with a hot cup of tea.

When it comes to classic monsoon snacks, the scrumptious bread pakora is the all-time favourite. These savoury bread fritters are made from spiced besan batter and can be made with or without stuffing. Traditionally, bread pakoras are fried, but for this recipe, we will bake them, so that you can enjoy them guilt-free.

So, get ready to try this healthy and delicious baked pakora recipe!

Here’s what you need to do if you want to add stuffing to bread pakoras

Before you start making this delicious snack, consider making the stuffing in advance. To make the stuffing, boil 2 to 3 medium-sized potatoes, and then peel and grate them.

baked bread pakora
Use potato as stuffing for baked bread pakora to uplift the taste! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Add the potatoes to a pan and then mash them after adding the following ingredients:

-1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
-2 tbsp chopped mint leaves
-1 to 2 chopped green chillies
-¼ tsp red chilli powder
-¼ tsp garam masala powder
-Salt to taste
-½ tbsp lemon juice

Here’s what you will need to make the baked bread pakora

-1 cup besan (gram flour)
-½ tsp carom seeds (ajwain)
-¼ tsp red chilli powder
-¼ tsp turmeric powder
-¼ tsp garam masala powder
-Salt to taste
-¼ tsp chaat masala
-5 to 7 bread slices (brown/multigrain)

baked bread pakora
Up the health quotient of the baked bread pakora with multigrain bread. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here’s how you can make this delicious snack

Step 1: In a bowl, mix besan, ajwain, red chilli powder, garam masala powder, ½ cup water and salt. Mix these ingredients well to make the batter with even consistency (not too thick and not too thin either).

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Step 2: Slice the bread into a triangle or rectangular slices. If you are using the stuffing, then spread 2 to 3 tbsps of the mashed potatoes on the bread. Now, cover the stuffing with another slice of bread. You could also avoid using the stuffing and continue with the recipe as is.

Step 3: Preheat the oven for 10 minutes and then bake them at 180 degrees celsius for 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: After taking out the bread pakoras from the oven, let them cool for a minute and then add chaat masala on top of them to serve.

This recipe can be tried with multiple variations of spices and herbs, such as ginger and garlic paste, black pepper powder, and curry powder. You could also experiment with a cheese or paneer stuffing as well.

Bread pakora is served best with mint chutney or tomato ketchup, and of course, a hot cup of tea!

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