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Sharbats and Shots: 10 DIY summer drink ideas to beat the heat

An Ayurveda expert shares summer drink ideas which aren't just great for quenching your thirst, but also offer a host of health benefits.
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Sattu, pudina, coconut or kokum! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Published: 1 Apr 2022, 14:04 pm IST
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Nothing may feel better than gulping down a glass of water after the wear and tear you go through in summer, but sometimes a dash of healthy flavour never hurts! No matter how your heart and tongue may crave a swig of a chilled aerated drink, a quick glass of cold packaged juice or an instant shikanji from a premix, it will always be better to look for healthier summer drink ideas to stay cool as a cucumber!

Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya has given us a volley of options and ideas for natural cooling drinks this summer to beat the heat.

saunf water
Saunf water can help you relieve constipation. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

DIY summer drink ideas just for you

1. Fennel Sharbat

The expert suggests this fennel or saunf-based drink as a refresher.

* Take a bowl, add 2 teaspoons of fennel powder.
* Add rock sugar (misri/khand) as per taste.
* Add 2 glasses of water and mix them well.

Your delicious cooling fennel drink would be ready to drink.

2. Sattu Drink

Dr Savaliya suggests that this drink offers an “extremly cooling” effect. It can also be a source of easily digestible protein during summer.

* Mix 1 teaspoon sattu powder in a glass of water.
* Add pinch of roasted cumin and pink salt.
* Add some jaggery in it and its ready.

3. Pudina Sharbat

Everyone knows about the cooling and calming effects of peppermint. And this summer drink is packed with its benefits.

* Take 2-3 glasses of water.
* Add a handul of mint leaves in it and small pieces of rock sugar (as per taste) and grind it thoroughwhatsly.
* Add half a lemon and rock salt (as per taste).
* Strain and sip on this mint drink.

4. Gulkand Shots

Anyone with a curiosity for healthy eating, would be aware of the wonders of gulkand. It is not just a source of antioxidants, but can also reduce acidity and improve digestive health.

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* Take 1 glass of milk
* Add 1 tbsp gulkand in it and mix it with a hand blender.
* Then enjoy small shots of gulkand milk mixture with your family.

paan shot
What a ‘paan’ shot! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Paan Shots

The benefits of betel leaves have been known far and wide. These have healing benefits, and can even be used to treat cough, asthma, headache, rhinitis, arthritic joint pain, according to a previous post by Dr Savaliya.

Check out this paan shot recipe!

6. Bilva/ Bael Sharbat

Be it constipation or managing diabetes, handling skin rashes or controlling cholestrol – bael juice is packed with goodness. Try this healthy summer drink idea!


* Take bilva fruit.
* Cut it from the middle and take out the inner soft pulp.
* Soak the pulp in 1 glass of water for 20 minutes.
* Then mash the pup thoroughly.
* Later strain it and 1 tsp jaggery, roasted cumin, cardamom and a pinch of black salt in it and your bilva sharbat is ready.

7. Khus Sharbat

Khus khus are a powerhouse of nutrients. Their high fiber content make them great for your gut health, and it is also helpful to strengthen bones, to boost female fertility, to fight insomnia, or regulates blood pressure.

* Soak khus (vetiver) in water for 8-10 hours.
* Strain it, add rock sugar in it (as per taste).
* Your khus sharbat is ready!

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kokum drink
Kokum will cool you down! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

8. Kokum Sharbat

Kokum is not just a culinary delight, but also has medicinal benefits. This dark-purple coloured fruit can reduce acidity and relieve sunstroke. Try it in this sharbat form!

* Take two fresh kokum fruits
* Cut them into half, remove the seeds and then grind ithem into a fine paste.
* Make rock sugar syrup and pour it into the kokum paste, add cumin and cardamom powder to taste.
* Add 2-3 tbsp of this paste in a glass, add cool water preferably from an earthern pot and enjoy your kokum sharbat.

9. Sugarcane juice

Ganne ka juice, as we would call it colloquially in India, is a lip-smacking summer drink. Dr Savaliya mentions that drinking fresh sugarcane juice during the summer season is the “best energy provider and thirst reliever”.

Even Kareena Kapoor Khan’s nutritionist wants you to make the most of the benefits of sugarcane juice! But let’s give you a HealthShots tip – Just make sure you have it from a clean, hygienic vendor!

10. Coconut water

This summer drink is a guilt-free must-have. The expert gives you a tip. Have this is in the morning or 2 hours post meals in the afternoon, around 4 p.m..

So, dear readers, try beating the heat with these natural and homemade summer drink ideas instead of sugar and calorie-laden cold drinks and ice creams, and stay healthy!

  • 124
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