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Sesame smoothie: Have you tried this summer special drink?

Ellu juice is a popular summer drink in and around the coastal regions of Mangalore and Udupi. It is usually prepared with sesame seeds.
Sip on this smoothie and forget all about your hair woes! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Gurpreet Kaur Updated: 23 Oct 2023, 13:09 pm IST
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The summer season and its heatwave has hit all of us already. And to keep ourselves cool, most of us have been trying our hands at hydrating drinks apart from drinking liters of water every single day. If you wish to try another refreshing, rejuvenating and nutritious summer drink, opt for Ellu juice or you can call it sesame smoothie.

It is a popular summer drink in and around the coastal regions of Mangalore and Udupi. It is usually prepared with sesame seeds and freshly-grated coconut and is named so because sesame seeds are called Ellu in local Tulu language. If you like the nutty flavor of coconut and sesame, you can blend them or you can also add jaggery for the sweetness.

Ellu juice
Make sure to try Ellu juice or sesame smoothie next time you visit Mangalore. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Celebrity nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal, in an Instagram video, shared how Ellu juice is made. She also shared that the cooling properties of the coconut help neutralize the heating effects of the sesame seeds in the recipe, resulting in a drink that helps beat the heat.

Not just that, Ganeriwal also revealed how you can make the Mangalorean Ellu Juice or sesame smoothie

  1. Take one cup of freshly grated coconut and half cup of sesame seeds. Blend them together in a jar.
  2. Add three to four pods of cardamom and finally grind them all together in some water.
  3. Extract the milk. Take the residue and blend it again with some water.
  4. Add some jaggery to it, and serve it chilled.

Well, you should certainly try it out because let’s not forget, sesame seeds are rich in protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. The nutty flavour and crunchy texture is used in several dishes. It can help lower down your cholesterol, fight infections, and also aid in diabetes management.

  • 110
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