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Say yes to multigrain atta with this easy DIY recipe for weight loss

Wondering what goes into multigrain atta? Here is a detailed recipe to make multigrain atta at home.
Multigrain atta is good for weight loss
Multigrain atta is good for weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Manasvi Jain Published: 3 Aug 2022, 12:39 pm IST
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These days it is all about eating multigrain chapatis, bread, pizza base and everything else. People are going above and beyond to include multigrain atta (flour) in their everyday diet but is it actually that healthy? And if it is, how do you make the perfectly proportioned multigrain atta at home? What ingredients do we put in? We are here to answer all these questions.

Why is multigrain atta better than wheat flour?

Multigrain is described as a mix of two, three, or more flours. There are several reasons that make multigrain atta better than wheat flour. They are more protein-filled compared to wheat flour. Also, multigrain has more fiber content than usual wheat flour.

Nutritionist Avni Kaul told Health Shots that “Being multigrain makes it more nutritious instead of the sole wheat-based flour only. Also, multigrain flour contains a lower glycemic index thus, it makes a better choice for those having diabetes.”

multigrain flour
Multigrain flour is better for weight loss as compared to wheat flour!

Now, we know that multigrain flour is easily available in the market and does give you the same benefits as a home made one by giving a boost to your digestive system which also promotes weight loss. But it is better to make it at home where you can be sure of the authenticity and cleanliness of the products used. “Flours mixed at home are no doubt more hygienic and have better nutrients when compared to flours straightaway purchased from the market. At times, grains sold commercially are also polished using certain components that are not healthy,” says Avni.

Here is how to make multigrain atta at home

1. From an Indian household’s perspective, it is better to include grains that are readily available in India and are also staple food to the people here. Thus, one ideally, needs to include wheat, oats, ragi (finger millets), chana dal, soya bean, and maize (makka).

multigrain atta
Add oats to make your multigrain atta a perfect blend!

2. Though more than 2 grains is a good choice, it is better if one includes 5 types of grains. Excess or less are both not helpful for our health. Kaul suggests that “Five different kinds make an ideal combination. Usually, including 5 types is sufficient to avail almost all the important nutrients that are needed to meet your daily recommended intake. A combination such as maize, chana dal, soya, wheat, oats and finger millets are good enough to include in your diet.”

multigrain atta
Mix 5 grains for a perfect multigrain atta! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Mix all the grains, except oats, with 1 kg whole wheat, maize 50 grams, soya bean and finger millet 25 grams each, chana dal 50 grams. Mix them properly.

4. Wash all the grains well. Once they have dried out, add the oats to the mixture.

5. Once you grind it all, the perfect blend of all the healthy grains is ready in the form of multigrain atta.

According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, it is better to not make multigrain atta a part of your regular diet. Though there is no downside to it, it is generally better to tweak your diet alternatively with wheat flour to avail maximum health benefits.

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  • 199
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