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Mira Rajput’s recipe for homemade gulkand will make you forget all other rose drinks

Going desi is the best way to stay hale and hearty! Mira Rajput proves it with her gulkand recipe which is buzzing amongst Instagrammers.
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Gulkand is the new jam alternative in town! Try out this recipe from Mira Rajput. Image courtesy: Mira Rajput | Facebook
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 30 Mar 2021, 02:44 pm IST
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If you love Roohafza then you must try this rose-based recipe that Mira Rajput shared on Instagram. Mira has been known to include Ayurveda in her daily life. From skin care to cooking, she includes it in practically everything. This time, she introduced us to this perfect gulkand recipe along with its benefits!

She wrote:

“We tried making Gulkand from the Desi Gulab growing in the garden and it was easier than I expected and so much fun!”

Mira also shared the Ayurvedic relevance of gulkand

“Gulkand is a traditional sun-cooked Rose Jam that is known for its cooling and Pitta-pacifying properties. A spoon of Gulkand in water or milk after lunch and dinner will keep the stomach cool and prevent common Pitta ailments like acidity, heartburn and migraine. And with the heat setting in, this can help almost everyone,” she wrote.

Mira Rajput swears by this rose-based spread and consumes it daily!

She wrote, “I have it daily, and I thought I’d give it a try cause I don’t think I can ever “lagao achaar”. Might as well try it’s jammy cousin.”

So, do you want to learn how to make this homemade spread? Mira shared her version of this beneficial spread on Instagram!

  • Desi gulab and misri in equal proportion
  • Elaichi powder
  • A glass jar to allow the sunlight to pass through

Step 1: Take some rose petals and wash them properly.

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Step 2: Crush the cardamoms in a mortar and pestle

Step 3: Take a jar and layer the rose petals. Now, create another layer of misri, and then top it up with another layer of cardamom powder. Keep repeating the layering process till you’re done with all the ingredients.

Step 4: Place the jar in the sun and mix it every few days till it looks like jam.

In a couple of days, you’ll have your homemade gulkand!

mira rajput
A healthy gut equals a healthy heart as well. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Here are some benefits of eating gulkand

According to a study published in the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Science, the rose flower has a lot of medicinal properties that can help in more than one way. Here are some of them:

1. It is a great laxative. It will ensure you never suffer from the problem of constipation.
2. It can help you in curing mouth ulcers.
3. It can help with the recurring problem of nose bleeds.
4. For ladies dealing with hot flashes due to menopause, it can be helpful.

This simple spread can be great for not just the taste buds but also your health! Try out Mira’s recipe and treat yourself with this sweet spread.

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