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Yes, you can make desi ghee at home. Just follow this simple recipe

Ghee has multiple benefits and you can make it right at home, using this simple recipe.
halwa can help you lose weight
Put ‘desi’ in the ‘desi ghee’ with this recipe! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 16 May 2021, 00:07 am IST
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Truth be told, just one teaspoon of ghee can make any meal blissful. More importantly, ghee is a healthy source of fat. We’re not the only ones saying it! So many renowned nutritionists believe in the power of desi ghee.

From your gut to the skin, ghee contains a magical ingredient known as butyric acid that can take care of multiple issues. What’s more, butyric acid can also boost your metabolism and help in weight loss.

According to Dr Farah Adam Mukadam, a general physician, it improves the absorption of other vitamins and nutrients, making it a must for pregnant women and growing children.

In addition to all this, desi ghee is a powerhouse of nutrients that your body needs to function properly. It contains vitamins E, D, A, and K that can ensure your risk of suffering from any deficiency stays low.

Unfortunately, the authenticity of the ghee that we buy from the market is extremely questionable. Hence, it is best to prepare ghee right at home! Turns out, the process is actually fairly simple.     

The only ingredient you need is malai or milk cream that you can accumulate over a couple of days.

Also, watch:

You can follow this recipe to make desi ghee:

1. Take the malai that you have accumulated and add chilled water to it. Now, knead it properly.
(Tip: You can also use a mixer. The water should be half the quantity of the malai.)

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2. In some time, you will see that butter and water are starting to get separated. Now, strain the butter from the buttermilk.
(Tip: Don’t throw away the buttermilk because it is rich in probiotics.)

3. Now, take a kadhai and heat the butter you have extracted on a low flame. Keep stirring the butter. In some time, you will see bubbles appearing.
(Tip: Heating the butter on high flame can make it taste bitter.)

Also, listen:

4. You will see milk granules settling down at the bottom and fat content floating on the top after 20 to 25 minutes. Scoop out the golden fat into another container.

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5. Boil this golden fat and remove it from the heat after about 4 minutes. Let it cool down a little and pass it through the sieve. Next up, store it for future use!

See, it’s as simple as this! It’s time to ditch the packed cartons of ghee for the home-made goodness.

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