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This 2-minute, 2-ingredient Ayurvedic dessert recipe can do more than just satiate your sweet cravings

Not all sugar cravings need to be killed! You can try this quick healthy dessert recipe which has a lot of health benefits too.
Dates for good health
Try this healthy dessert made with dates. Image courtesy; Shutterstock
Purvi Kalra Updated: 27 Aug 2022, 13:33 pm IST
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Have an insatiable appetite for dessert? Well, no matter what’s there in our daily meal spread, there’s always some room for something sweet, isn’t it? Knowing that “meetha” is sometimes not always healthy, we found a healthy dessert recipe shared by Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya. The recipe is not only delicious but also boasts several health benefits ranging from hair fall to anemia prevention. So, you can always prep it and dive right in without second thoughts.

Healthy dessert recipe for sweet cravings

This recipe is Ayurvedic with dates and ghee being the only ingredients mixed. Here’s how you can swiftly prep it!

Take 5 overnight soaked de-seeded dates and add 2 tsp of desi ghee in it. Voila, your dessert is ready!

It is ideal for people with low iron, hair-fall, mood swings, low energy, thyroid, heavy periods, menstrual cramps, PCOS, and sleep issues, according to the expert.

What makes this recipe interesting is the way the expert recommends the timing of taking it according to different body types and symptoms.

For people with pitta Prakriti (born out of the fire element), morning or night is the ideal time to have it. These are the ones suffering from low energy, acidity, hair-fall, grey hair, anger issues, sweet cravings, etc.

For people with Kapha Prakriti (based on earth and water), she suggests consuming this sweet meal 1 hour before/after lunch in the afternoon.

For people with Vata Prakriti (constitutes air and space), she reckons relishing this recipe in the evening (between 4-5 pm). These are the people who suffer from sweet cravings, hair-fall, weight loss, low energy, etc.

Lastly, healthy individuals can devour this either in the morning before breakfast or can have it as an evening snack.

Watch the recipe right here!

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What makes this healthy dessert recipe special

Made out of 2 healthy Ayurvedic ingredients, dates and desi ghee, this recipe provides benefits due to their medicinal properties.

Benefits of dates

Dates are sweet and cold in nature. They help bring balance to Vata and Pitta making them an ideal choice for people suffering from hyperacidity, joint pain, anxiety, hair fall, and low energy.

The benefits of dates also includes the facts that they are low in fat and are an excellent source of niacin, B6, potassium, magnesium, and iron. Alongside, they are a good source of zinc, selenium, and folic acid making this a magic food for people with thyroid, low sperm count, and vitamin deficiency.

Benefits of desi ghee

Desi ghee needs no introduction in terms of the umpteen health benefits it offers. It’s the best fat on earth that helps you with almost every known disorder (mental or physical). Cow ghee is very easily available everywhere.

Dr. Savaliya adds, “It is Satmya (suitable) to everyone as we consume it right from our birth”.

Similar to dates, it is also cold in nature and sweet in taste, alleviates Vata and pitta, and is considered auspicious. Further, it improves digestion, nourishes your tissues, strengthens muscles, improves voice, memory, hair, skin, fertility, immunity, intelligence, and the list goes on. It is one such food that can be consumed by all at all times.

Ghee benefits
Ghee is good for your health! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

So, now that you know the health benefits of the recipe, we hope you wouldn’t mind sparing 2 minutes to prep this Ayurvedic recipe.

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