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Weight loss alert! Gulp a glass of this smoothie to shed the extra kilos

Love smoothies? Then you’re going to love this green mango, spinach, and apple smoothie which is perfect for weight loss.
fruit smoothie
Wheatgrass smoothie as a pre-workout drink. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 28 Jun 2020, 19:06 pm IST
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If someone tells you “zaada khayegi toh moti ho jaayegi”, then you can safely tell that person to educate themselves because it doesn’t work like that.

Yes, it’s true! In fact, even nutritionists have admitted that when you’re eating, you should eat khulke. However, when we have weight loss on our minds, we end up assuming that only a bland and tasteless diet will show us the results.

What we forget is that there is no rule that says healthy food needs to be bland! There are so many recipes that aren’t just a treat to eat but also helpful when it comes to weight loss. Today, we’ve got you one such smoothie recipe.

Try this smoothie for weight loss. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Enters: Green mango, spinach, and apple smoothie!

Here’s how you can prepare this smoothie full of green goodness.

You will need:

Half green mango
200 grams of spinach
1 apple
Half banana
1 tablespoon soaked chia seeds
2 tablespoon yoghurt
100 ml soy/almond milk
1 tablespoon honey
Chopped dried fruits for garnishing
150 ml water (for boiling)


1. Dice the mango and apple after peeling.
2. Now, wash the spinach properly. Take a pan, put it on heat, and add water. Once the water is hot, add the spinach to it and boil for 3 minutes. Once boiled, strain it and keep it aside.
3. Let the spinach cool down completely. Once it has cooled down, add apple, green mango, spinach, banana, chia seeds, honey, and yoghurt to a blender. Now, make a smooth puree. Add soy/almond milk and blend it again.
4. Pour it in a glass, top it up with some dry fruits, and your yummy green elixir is ready.

What’s so good about this smoothie, anyways
Well, we’ll say everything. First and foremost, it is filling and refreshing. Plus, it doesn’t have one single ingredient that will make you put on more weight, which otherwise doesn’t happen in a smoothie.

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You will be glad to know that according to a study published in the Journal of The American College of Nutrition, consuming 5 grams of the spinach extract for 3 months can lead to 43% greater loss of body weight. Now, how about that!

mango benefits for skin
If you think mango can lead to weight gain then think again. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Spinach is not alone in helping you lose weight. Green mango is also going to push harder than ever to burn that fat. A study published in the journal Frontier in Plant Science says that green mango is capable of doing that as well.

When it comes to other ingredients such as apples and chia seeds, we already know how great they are when it comes to losing weight.

We think it is abundantly clear why this smoothie is just the right thing for you to drink. So, do try it to detox your body and cut out some of that fat!

  • 83
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