Feeling gassy? Try this DIY drink to fight acidity

Do you struggle with bloating and gas frequently and looking for a solution? This DIY drink can be the ultimate solution for your acidity.
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Aayushi Gupta Published: 27 Jan 2022, 13:00 pm IST
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How often do you binge eat mindlessly, or munch on your favorite snack? Many times! In fact, you do all this knowing that it can make you bloated, constipated, or gassy. Aren’t we telling the truth? We can hear a big YES.

Gas is not always a result of binge eating or mindless snacking. In fact, specific dairy products, wheat, grains, fruits, and vegetables – all of these can produce gas, resulting in abdominal pain, digestive distress, and bloating. Apart from this, some people are prone to digestive issues like stomach pain and flatulence, which are associated with gas and acidity.

You’re probably also aware that if you don’t treat it on time; it can also hinder your day-to-day life by causing severe discomfort.

Worse yet, this gas can suddenly cause pain in your chest. And in that case, many people end up rushing to the emergency room!

Wonder what’s the solution? Well, it’s a drink. Recently, renowned nutritionist Apurva Agarwal shared a reel on Instagram in which she shows how to prepare a drink that can provide relief from acidity or gas in no time!

Here’s what her caption reads. “Many of us have experienced a painful burning sensation in the lower part of the chest. Often referred to as ‘acidity’. In fact, it’s common that most people choose to ignore it, but you shouldn’t. To prevent the risk of complications later, here is the best hack for an acidity fix.”

Check it out for yourself:


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Let’s get to the recipe right away!

Here are the ingredients you’ll need for 1 glass:

1/2 Cucumber
Few mint leaves
Handful of coriander
Few leaves of celery
Ginger as per taste
Salt as per taste
1 cup water
Lemon/ Amla


  • Take a blender, add all the ingredients except lemon and blend it until smooth.
  • Now pour it into a glass, squeeze the lemon and mix it with a spoon. Then drink it fresh.

Here’s why you must try this drink

1. Cucumber means mostly water, which means it can relieve gas or bloat quickly. Moreover, cucumber is high in potassium, which helps reverse the ill effects of sodium that is known to cause bloating.

2. Mint leaves can do wonders when it comes to bloating, gas, or any digestive issues.

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3. Coriander leaves are packed with essential oils, vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium, vitamin E and C, calcium, and phosphorus which can help with digestive problems.

4. Celery is considered a natural remedy for heartburn and makes your digestion smooth.

5. Ginger is another natural home remedy that increases the digestive fire, helping in the breakdown and assimilation of food.

6. Lemon is very acidic in nature, so when it is digested, it releases an alkalizing effect, which helps to reduce acid in the stomach.

So, the next time you feel bloated or gassy, don’t wait just try this drink out!

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