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Don’t let diabetes ruin your Diwali feast. Try these diabetic-friendly ragi and coconut laddus instead

Calling all diabetics: This Diwali, satiate your sweet tooth without worrying about your blood sugar with these ragi and coconut laddus.
Ragi and coconut laddus
Dear diabetics, you can thank us later! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 16:09 pm IST
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Diwali is not just the festival of lights but also the festival of food. And no Diwali celebration is complete without a table full of mithai. Sadly, this becomes almost tormenting for those who are dealing with diabetes as they are forbidden to even touch them. But this time around we’ll ensure that diabetics can get to savour sweets without any guilt or fear. That’s why we’ve got for you an easy recipe for ragi and coconut laddus.

Yes, we know you must be wondering about those extra calories but that’s the best part about these laddus. They don’t have any refined sugar in them and they are loaded with protein too. So, are you ready to give them a try? Then let’s begin.    

Here’s what you will need all of these to make ragi and coconut laddus:

250 gm ragi flour
100 gm grated raw coconut
Crushed dry fruits of your choice
3 tbsp peanut butter
4 tbsp organic honey
4 tbsp jaggery powder
Ghee (just for greasing the pan)

ragi and coconut ladoos
Keep your blood sugar level in check with ragi and coconut laddus. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Now let’s start preparing these yummy laddus
  • Take a pan and put it on low flame. Once the pan is hot, grease it with ghee. Add ragi flour and roast it till it’s colour changes and you start getting its aroma.
  • Now take the pan off the heat and scrape the ragi flour in a separate bowl and let it cool down.
  • Mix the roasted ragi flour and grated coconut in a bowl, until well-combined. Now add the dry fruits, peanut butter, honey, and jaggery powder and make a dough. 
  • Make small balls from this dough, roll them in some grated coconut and your delicious plate of oh-so healthy ragi laddus is ready.
Here’s why these ragi and coconut laddus are good for diabetics

Ragi is a great source of fibre which has a very low glycemic index. That’s why it is a fab choice when it comes to diabetes. Also, according to a study published in the journal of Frontiers in Plant Science, finger millets or ragi is the wonder grain for those who are dealing with diabetes as it helps in keeping the insulin level in check. 

It also states that as the blood sugar level stays in control you don’t crave for sugar much. This also curtails your binge eating sessions and you tend to lose weight as well.  

ragi and coconut ladoos
Ragi keeps you fuller for longer so you don’t end up craving unhealthy snacks like popcorn. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Another study published in the journal Advances in Food and Nutrition Research states that including ragi in your daily diet can actually help you keep your cholesterol level in check. 

In diabetics, slow healing of wounds is a common phenomenon. But if you go by the above study then this problem can also be resolved by ragi. 

So no more suppressing your sugar cravings this Diwali, because you have this healthy ragi and coconut laddu recipe right by your side. Cherish it and celebrate a mithai wali diwali.

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