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Can’t control your cravings? Try this makki ka paratha to satiate your taste buds minus the guilt

Makki ki roti is a winter delight. But did you know that this flour is a powerhouse of protein?
makki ka atta
Makki ka paratha is the perfect diet food for winter. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 15:49 pm IST
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If you’re done eating aloo and gobi paratha for breakfast, then break the monotony with a healthy alternative. No, we aren’t suggesting any western substitute, but going the good old desi way. We want you to add makki ka paratha as a breakfast option!

See there are various reasons that gives this vegetable makki paratha an edge over other breakfast items:

1. It’s loaded with vegetables, so a whole lot of nutrients are there.
2. It’s filling so no chance of you binging on junk food.
3. It’s light on your tummy and easy to digest.
4. It aids weight loss.
5. Lastly, makki has a whole lot of benefits that we’ll tell you later. Let’s first learn the recipe.

Ingredients you need to make a crispy vegetable makki ka parantha
  • 250 gms of makki flour
  • ½ grated carrot
  • ½  grated radish
  • ½ an onion, finely chopped
  • 50 grams boiled spinach
  • 50 grams chopped methi leaves
  • 1 finely chopped green chilly
  • Some freshly chopped coriander leaves
  • Rock salt, as per taste
  • Black pepper powder, as per taste
  • Water (to make the dough)
  • Coconut oil to grease the pan
makki ka atta
Lose kilos with this yummy breakfast. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Follow these steps to make makki ka parantha

1. Take makki ka atta in a bowl, and mix salt and black pepper in it.
2. Now add all the vegetables like carrot, radish, onion, green chilies, coriander, methi leaves, and boiled spinach one by one and knead it into a dough.
3. Now make a dough ball and with your hand, make the roti.

Tip: makki ka atta is a little sticky, so you can avoid using a rolling pin and instead use your hands. Grease your hands a little, before making the chapati.

4. In the next step, heat a pan on medium flame and place the chapati on the pan.
5. Now grease the chapati on one side with coconut oil, and flip it.
6. Cook the makki ka paratha properly on both sides. Serve it with some green chutney or a hint of ghee.

Simple, healthy, and totally filling.

Now let’s see what makes this vegetable makki ka paratha a must-have during the winter season

Makki ka atta is basically maize flour, which is coarse in texture. And here are the benefits of having it regularly:

1. It’s gluten-free, so it’s an amazing alternative for wheat, etc if you are trying to lose weight or have diabetes.
2. Makki ka atta is loaded with fibre and that is why it is lighter on your gut and intestine.
3. For those who work out regularly, it’s a perfect post-workout meal as it is packed with proteins.
4. The presence of vitamin B and other antioxidants makes it must-have for luscious hair, glowing skin, and an active brain.

makki ka atta
Makki ka atta is great for your skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Those who have thyroid problems or low immunity must have maize flour. The presence of vitamin A, C, K, beta-carotene, and selenium helps in improving the function of the gland plus boosts immunity.
6. Lastly, it’s not at all expensive and easily available.

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So without a doubt, makki ka atta is the right choice baby!

  • 85
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