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Yearender 2021: 5 weirdest food combinations that you must stay away from

The year 2021 has been full of shocks and surprises, even when it comes to food! Hold your horses, and find about these bizarre food combinations!
fanta maggie
Cold drink and Maggi may still work well as accompaniments, but not when used together as ingredients! Either way, they're unhealthy. Image courtesy: Ishi Singh/ Instagram
Geetika Sachdev Published: 31 Dec 2021, 09:58 am IST
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Food, oh food! Our companion on the best of our days, and a shoulder to cry on, when we are at our worst. Yes, that’s our relationship with what we eat. No wonder, we go out of our way to experiment with various food combinations to know what really makes our taste buds tick! Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it also leads to somethings that are completely bizarre That’s exactly what happened in 2021, when people went out of their “comfort zone” and noshed on the weirdest combos.

All we can think of is please let classics be classics, guys! Why try and marry two foods, when you can enjoy both separately? Don’t get what we are saying, you will know just in a bit.

Let’s get straight to the point!

Presenting to you some of the most bizarre food combinations of 2021 that got their fair share of attention on social media! Your eyes are sure to pop out.

1. Maggi milkshake

We love our ‘2-minute’ Maggi noodles, and of course, milkshakes too! But what happens when you blend the two? You get an absolute disaster. Creamy, frothy milk layered with soggy Maggi is definitely not the food of our dreams, and certainly shouldn’t be yours. It’s already making us nauseous! Ewww!

2. Fanta omelette

Who on earth thinks of such combinations? It all started with a food stall in Surat introducing ‘Fanta Fry’ — an egg dish whipped up with the tangy aerated beverage. It is served with perfectly toasted pav slathered with butter, but that’s hardly any redemption. Wait till you hear this – the eggs (fried or boiled) are paired with a gravy that is made of Fanta (ugh), and peppered with spices, mashed potatoes, and green chutney. And then, there’s lots of cheese that’s added on top! Please spare us the horror, we say!

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samosa and gulab jamun
Fried foods like samosa are as it is unhealthy. Now think of a gula jamun instead of spicy aloo in it! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Gulab Jamun samosa

Those who love crispy hot samosas, raise your hands! And how about gulab jamuns? Ah, it’s the perfect winter dessert. Unfortunately, when the two are fused together, they end up being yuck. Samosas taste best when they have a spicy potato filling, right? We get that there have been all kinds of variations we’ve seen over the past few years — butter chicken samosa, schezwan samosa, noodle samosa, and what not! But for God’s sake, leave gulab jamun alone.

4. Oreo pakora

The joy of relishing pakoras with garma garam chai is unparalleled, especially on a cold winter day! When we speak of pakoras, we can think of the usual combinations — onion, tomato, paneer, mirchi, and so on! What if you bite into your pakora and taste Oreo? Eww, right? Well, that’s one of the most bizarre food combinations doing the rounds today! Stay away from it, we say.


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5. Tikki rasgulla chaat

This chaat has rasgulla topped with yogurt, chutney, and sev! Why does one have to spoil food? This sweet and sour chaat was unfortunately discovered at a food stall in Bengaluru. Thankfully, netizens have been pretty weirded out by such food combinations. Instead, why don’t we enjoy rasgullas as they are? That certainly is a better plan!

The last word

Not only are these food combinations bizarre, they are also laden with calories! Imagine combining a samosa with gulab jamun? Well, that’s not going to end up very well, even for your weight. But still, if the experimental foodie in you decides to take the plunge into these calorie-laden combinations, make sure you go on a detox!

Plus, please remember that some of these combinations are not even palatable, so don’t blame us if you make frequent trips to the loo. We’ve given you enough warnings!

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