Vegan and want to lose weight? A nutritionist recommends a month-long diet plan

If you’re a vegan and want to understand what to eat in order to lose weight, you’re at the right place!
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published on: 11 Dec 2020, 09:30 am IST

If you have recently become a vegan and are on the lookout for a diet plan that will ensure you’re losing weight without compromising on your nutrient intake, you have landed at the right place. 

The diet plan we’ve created just for you will ensure you’re eating healthy but also sticking to the principles of veganism.

The two major nutrients that play a role in losing weight are protein and fibre. Now, a vegan diet is abundant in fibre but the source of protein is limited to lentils and pulses. Hence, it is important to design a vegan diet to strike a balance between these two nutrients and ensure weight can be lost.

So, in search of this balance, we consulted renowned nutritionist, Dr Anuja Gaur from Aakash Healthcare. She helped us with devising the perfect weight loss plan for all the vegans out there.

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Here’s your vegan weight loss diet plan

Morning diet to prepare you for the day to come

  • Start the morning with half a litre of water to detox yourself and hydrate your body.
  • For breakfast, consume 150 ml of almond milk and any two fruits of your choice.
  • Around 11:30 am, drink a glass of lemon water and eat half a cup of roasted fox nuts or makhanas.
  • Drink a cup of green tea just before lunch at around 12:30 am and you can also have a citrus fruit like orange along with it.

This is what your lunch should look like

  • Make sure you have your lunch around 1:30 pm. You can eat two chapatis, any sabzi, and a bowl of salad.
  • After a gap of 40 to 50 minutes, drink a saunf-based herbal tea to boost digestion.

Evening snacks should be healthy

  • There is nothing healthier than murmura bhel, roasted chana, or a cup of sprouts. You can alternate between these options to avoid monotony. 

A pre-dinner meal is important

  • Consume 1 cup of soup made from any vegetable of your choice.

Here’s your 100 per cent vegan dinner

  • You can have one roti with sabzi and a bowl of salad.
  • Another good option is consuming a bowl of sautéd vegetables and hummus. Finish dinner by 9:30 am.

A pre-bedtime tea to boost your health

  • Before you go to bed, drink a turmeric-based herbal tea to cleanse your body.
Here’s how this vegan weight loss diet plan will help you lose weight:

1. All these foods are low in saturated fats.
2. These foods are rich in fibre which will help in improving digestion and flushing the toxins out of your body. High fibre foods eaten at regular intervals are negative in calories and are good hunger suppressants.
3. The high water content will keep the metabolism in check and the body will also stay hydrated.
4. Plant-based foods are a great source of phytochemicals which are one of the most essential elements when it comes to weight loss. 5. They stop the accumulation of excess fat.

Also, watch:

“The main concern that I have with a vegan diet is the low level of calcium and vitamin B12. Therefore, before you opt for a vegan weight loss diet plan, make sure you meet your dietician to understand how to make up for these two,” concluded Dr Anuja Gaur.

So, going vegan doesn’t mean that you can’t lose weight in a healthy way! Keep this diet plan in mind and you’ll be good to go.

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