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10 reasons why food obsession like Jughead of Archie Comics is outright unhealthy!

Jughead's food obsession is known to every Archie Comics fan, and now the viewers of The Archies are also aware! With his insatiable appetite, Jughead has been the comedic relief for long. But there is nothing funny about food obsession.
Jughead of Archies has a food obsession
Food obsession like Jughead of Archies is not healthy for you. Image courtesy: Instagram | Archie Comics and Mihir Ahuja
Natalia Ningthoujam Updated: 12 Dec 2023, 02:11 pm IST
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Archies seems to be the flavour of the season, courtesy a new Bollywood live-action spin-off on the beloved Archie Comics. Besides Archies, Betty and Veronica, the three primary characters involved in a never-ending love triangle, fans of the globally popular comic series fondly remember Jughead among many other characters. And when it comes to Jughead, can we ignore his food obsession? Clearly no! Jughead has been (in)famous for his gluttony and ability to eat a lot of food without gaining weight thanks to his unique metabolism. Even In The Archies, the latest cinematic take on Archie Comics, actor Mihir Ahuja plays the Hamburger-loving Jughead. But mind you, his level of food obsession is not healthy for anyone!

What is food obsession?

If you are constantly thinking about food, what you have eaten, what you want to eat and what you are going to eat, you are probably obsessed with food! Food obsession is not restricted to junk food. It can involve fixation on both unhealthy and healthy foods, says internal medicine expert Dr Shuchin Bajaj.

Woman holding a burger
Food obsession is not restricted to junk food. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

What are common signs of food obsession?

• Always thinking about food
• Following restrictive diets without medical need
• Emotional reactions based on food choices
• Avoidance of social events due to food concerns
• Difficulty controlling food intake

Why is food obsession unhealthy?

Whether it is obsession with clothes or food, it is never good. Here are some reasons why it is unhealthy:

1. Obesity

A persistent obsession with food often leads to overeating, exacerbating weight gain and, in more extreme cases, contributing to obesity, notes dietitian Bhakti Adkar.

2. Nutrient imbalance

Eating only certain foods because you are fixated on them might result in a diet lacking important nutrients. This can harm your overall health and well-being.

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3. Mental health

The condition where an individual becomes overly fixated on eating something which he or she perceives to be healthy is called orthorexia. This condition can stem from an obsession with food and harm your mental health. It may also lead to stress and anxiety.

4. Disturbed eating patterns

Being obsessed with something can mess up your usual eating routine. This way it will be hard to tell when you’re genuinely hungry or full.

5. Social isolation

Being obsessed with food might make you skip social gatherings and isolate themselves. That is because you will avoid events where food is available.

6. Guilt

Constantly thinking about food can lead to feelings of guilt and shame, says Bhakti Adkar. Such feelings can especially pop up when you break your own diet rules.

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7. Relationship-releasing effect

Sometimes, obsession with food can become more important than other things in life, including meaningful connections. It can harm your relationships with your parents or partner or friends.

A woman eating a dessert
You need to overcome food obsession. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

8. Problems with physical health

Obsessions with unhealthy foods can exacerbate physical health conditions. So you may end up with diabetes, heart disease or digestive disorders.

9. Decreased quality of life

The persistent focus on food-related thoughts can lead to a decrease in overall life satisfaction. That can gradually make it more difficult to pursue other interests.

10. Negative body image

Being obsessed with food often connects to seeing your body in a distorted way. It can lead to unrealistic expectations and dissatisfaction with how you look.

What are some effective ways to overcome food obsession?

Developing a positive relationship with food and yourself is very important, says Dr Shuchin Bajaj. You can form a positive bond with your food by being mindful of the eating process.

Here are more tips:

• Take advice from a dietician or therapist who specialises in eating disorders.
• Embrace a variety of nutritious foods that are well-balanced and diverse.
• Add structure to your day by planning regular, well-balanced meals.
• Understand the situations and emotions that trigger compulsive eating.
• Focus on the present moment while eating.
• Embrace moderation rather than extreme diets.

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By recognising warning signs, grasping the broad scope of food obsession, and using coping strategies, you can regain control of your connection with food and, consequently, enhance your overall health

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