You’ll be bamboozled to know what happens to your body when you drink juice daily

You might be gushing after gulping down a glass of juice every day. That’s because you believe it is healthy. Unfortunately, it’s not the whole truth.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 13:22 pm IST
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Eating healthy is what most of us want to achieve! You opt for clean foods and of course, drinking juice daily is something you swear by. Because let’s be honest, it’s easy to gulp down a glass of juice than eat a whole plate of fruits. Isn’t it? Well, we would like to disagree with you here, because what dieticians and nutritionists believe will shock you out of your wits.

In this read today, we will find out what really happens when you drink juice on a daily basis. Are you ready to find out the truth? So, let’s get down to business.

What happens to your body if you drink juice regularly? Inputs by Priya Palan, Dietitian, Zen Multispeciality Hospital

Is drinking juice really healthy?

For you and me, it may be a yes, but as per the nutritionist, it’s just another calorie-rich drink that’s of no use.

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Opt for whole fruits instead of juice. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Did you know? Juicing is not even remotely healthy, as compared to eating a whole fruit or a vegetable. Yes, you might be shocked to know this. But, having juice every day will put your health in danger.

According to dietician Priya Palan from Zen Multispeciality Hospital, you can encounter various worrisome problems because of this so-called habit of drinking juice.

She says, “You might feel great after drinking juice that is made by extracting juice from the fresh fruits or vegetables. After all, you want to stick to a healthy diet and stay hale and hearty. But that juice is in a concentrated form and most of the vital nutrients are lost during the process of juicing. There are many harmful effects of having juice that you won’t even realize. Furthermore, opting for juices is not a good idea when you are on a weight-loss mission. Yes, you heard us right! They are not all recommended for those trying to get back in shape.”

Who knew this, right?

Juices are not all that good for diabetes patients. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3 health problems that you can have if you drink juice daily

  1. Imbalance in sugar levels, especially for diabetics

    Juices are not at all suitable for diabetics. If you or someone in your family is a diabetic, drinking juice daily can increase the blood sugar levels. Fruit juices lack fibre and are high in fructose, a naturally occurring sugar in fruit, which when consumed in excess amounts, has been linked to high blood sugar levels. Thus, eating a whole fruit is better than opting for juice.

  2. Drinking juice can lead to weight gain and obesity

    “The juice which you drink is high in sugar content and can cause you to gain oodles of weight. Juices are nutritionally imbalanced, as they lack important macronutrients such as protein and fat. It’s important to maintain the balance of nutrients for good health. Too much weight gain is linked to high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, cardiac issues, and other negative health issues later in life.

    Loads and loads of sugar in your juice is a strict no-no. It is better to speak to an expert who will help you with other healthy options apart from the juice. Evidence supports that too much added sugar is linked to weight gain and inflammation in the body,” says Priya Palan.

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    weight gain
    Juice can actually lead to weight gain. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  3. Your bowel movement can go for a toss

    The juice lacks the dietary fibre found in whole fruits and vegetables, as the juicing process tends to strip fruit and vegetables of their fibre. Thus, it does not produce a prolonged feeling of satiety and increases the feeling of hunger in a short span. It is the best idea to have whole fruits and vegetables to retain the fibre. Be cautious, and don’t go overboard!.

These are some major problems that drinking juice can lead to!
So ladies, snap out of this habit, and have faith in whole fruits if you really want to adopt a healthy life.

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