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The ultimate guide to the abs diet and how you can get super toned in 6 weeks

If you, like many others have dreamt of having killer abs, then your dream can be fulfilled in only six weeks! Yes, that’s what the abs diet claims, but is it worth it?
sitting abs exercises
From flab to fab: get the abs of your dreams. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 24 May 2021, 11:18 am IST
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Flip through the pages of a glossy fashion magazine or social media feeds of celebrities, and the first thing that strikes you are their abs. A strong midsection doesn’t just look good, it really enhances the physique in more ways. And that’s exactly why we are here to tell you all about the abs diet, which as the name suggests, is a plan that will help you get a rock solid core. Not just that, it will also increase your longevity, improve your sleep cycle, prevent back pain, and wait for it…enhance your sex life.

As part of this diet, you are required to eat six times a day, and the food must be nutrient dense. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t cheat at all — one day per week is reserved for that. Along with what you eat, you’re also supposed to follow a 20-minute exercise program, for at least three times a week.

What’s striking about this diet plan is that it is much more healthy and balanced unlike other fad diets. That means you can actually lose weight and improve your fitness.

So what can you eat?

The diet is easy to follow and only a few foods are restricted—there’s also no calorie counting that’s needed. Also, unlike a lot of diets, you don’t have to restrict carbs, which we think is a great feature! During the six weeks, we must include whole fruits and veggies, lean protein sources, whole grains, and healthy fats. Try making smoothies a part of this diet, and do not indulge in alcohol. Also, make sure you have at least eight glasses of water.

abs diet
You must have a healthy diet plan to help you lose weight! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Although there aren’t too many restrictions, portion control is a must, especially when you consume grains, fats or sweets. You must also restrict the consumption of rice, bread and pasta when on the abs diet.

Eating energy-efficient foods is a good idea, because they provide more macronutrients, vitamins and minerals for fewer calories. That’s why feel free to load up on kidney beans, black beans and similar kinds of foods. They provide fibre and protein, and are relatively low in calories.

As we mentioned earlier, one cheat meal per week is encouraged. The diet doesn’t believe in suppressing cravings, because you overeat otherwise.

What is the recommended timing?

Eating frequency is equally important in the abs diet, because you have to eat three relatively small meals and three snacks. Do not eat large meals because it creates an hourly energy imbalance that is associated with a faster body. Consuming frequent meals improves satiety and reduces the risk of binge-eating.

It’s essential to remember that the abs diet alternates larger meals with smaller snacks. Have two snacks two hours before lunch and dinner, and one snack two hours after dinner.

Exercise plan when you’re on the abs diet

The exercise plan is essential, as part of the abs diet. You must exercise at least three times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes per session. Strength training must be performed three times a week, and must include exercises like the military press, upright row, leg extension, biceps curl, and bench press.

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Abdominal exercises must also be performed at least twice a week. These include crunches, bent-leg knee raise, and side bridge.

Last but not the least, make sure to incorporate cardio exercises on non-strength training days. It could be anything from cycling, running, walking to swimming.

Should you do this diet?

Although there isn’t much evidence to prove if this plan works. But what’s the harm in trying it out? As it is, this plan includes foods that are nutrient-rich that satiate unnecessary cravings and help to build muscle. What’s more, the plan also encourages both strength training and cardio exercises. We think it’s a win-win, what is your take?

  • 57
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