Sugar is not all that bad, says Taapsee Pannu’s nutritionist

If you think that sugar is the super-devil that you should avoid at any cost then hear what Taapsee’s nutritionist, Munmun Ganeriwal
Taapsee Pannu
Nothing in moderation is bad. Not even sugar! Image courtesy: Shutterstock | Taapsee Pannu, Facebook
Parmita Uniyal Published: 1 Jan 2022, 11:00 am IST
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Sugar is not necessarily evil, as popularly believed and should not be feared by people, says Taapsee Pannu’s nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal who designed a holistic diet plan for the Rashmi Rocket actor and helped her revive her gut health. She says a good balance of all kinds of sugar can be incorporated in daily diet regime without compromising on overall health.

“Sugar is not at all bad, it depends in which form we are having it,” she told her viewers in an Instagram Live in a chat with Taapsee Pannu, to promote her just-released book Yuktahaar: The Belly And Brain Diet. Ganeriwal and Pannu also shared how the latter enjoyed the treat of besan ka laddoo while shooting for Rashmi Rocket without feeling any guilt. Thanks to Ganeriwal’s diet plan Taapsee also gets to dig into her favourite food Chhole Bhature once a week.

About people’s sugar phobia in general, Ganeriwal says that while we avoid drinking the humble nimbu sharbat at home saying it has sugar, we do not realise how bad the industrial sugar in our protein bar is, which is promoted as a healthy food. Certainly not the one to advise her clients to stay away from sugar completely, the nutritionist says it is advised to have a balance of several natural sugars in our daily life.

“I generally advise by clients to have honey four days in a week, jaggery for two days and the remaining one day they can have khand,” says Ganeriwal.

Khand or muscovado sugar is made by evaporating sugarcane syrup without removing the molasses and has several nutrients.

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“You can start your day with cinnamon tea or ginger tea and you put some honey in it, you can also use cane or palm jaggery and khand. These sugars are ideal to have in daily life. In this way you can have a good balance of all kinds of sugar and nothing becomes excess,” adds the nutritionist.

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