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On a strict diet? Enjoy the party season with these 10 low-cal alcoholic drinks

If party season means counting calories in alcohol, then fret not. We’ve worked out a list of some amazing low-calorie drinks, so that you can enjoy the party season without any guilt.
calories in alcohol
What’s your poison, this party season? Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 22 Dec 2020, 14:15 pm IST
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It’s time to raise your glasses and toast to 2021. Yes, the new year is almost here, and don’t we all want to enter it with a bang, especially since 2020 has been so hard? We know it’s a big YES! Of course, the party season is incomplete with alcohol, but remember everything is good in moderation. You, too, can enjoy this time of the year guilt-free instead of counting calories in alcohol. 

Yes, we know that the biggest worry with alcohol is that it has nothing but empty calories–that means zero nutrients and all calories. On top of it, all your favourite concoctions are loaded with sugar, and that means the calorie count goes way off the mark. That’s why you tend to gain weight, when you booze like a fish.   

To rescue you from this trap, we’ve got you these ten alcoholic drinks that you can turn to this New Year’s bash:    
1. Tequila shots

Calorie count: Around 200 per shot

You might be shocked to know this, but yes it’s true! A tequila shot isn’t too high on calories. The other plus of having a shot is that you tend to consume it in lower quantities, as only a few shots will keep you in high spirits.

calories in alcohol,
It’s time to party smart otherwise you’ll regret it next morning. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
2. Vodka with a lemon wedge

Calorie count: 100 a glass

Vodka with lime or lemon is an all time classic, and we all know how lemon acts as a fat blaster too! You can totally make this Russian drink even more healthy, by adding some fruits or berries.

3. Spiced bloody mary

Calorie count: 95 to 99 a glass

It might be bloody, but it’s way too low on calories. The base of this drink is tomato juice and lime, which makes this combination a perfect drink especially if you are on a diet. Also, adding some spices like cinnamon or black pepper can be a total game-changer.

4. Rose’

Calorie count: 100 to 120 a glass

Here’s a tip – If you buy yourself a glass of Rose’, then make sure to check the alcohol by volume in the content label. If it is low, then you are good to go.

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5. Gin and tonic

Calorie count: 120 a glass

If gin and tonic is your poison, then we have got a tip to share. You need to ditch your regular tonic, and go for the one that comes with the lowest calorie count.

6. White wine

Calorie count: 100 to 120 a glass

If you want your glass of wine to be low on calories, then choose from pinot blanc, chardonnay, pinot grigio, or sauvignon blanc.

calories in alcohol
Don’t forget to keep a count. GIF courtesy: GIPHY
7. Hot toddy

Calorie count: Less than 120 a glass

It’s going to be cold, and nothing can feel more warm than hot toddy. This drink has a desi tadka that feels like magic in the winter season. It has honey, lemon, and a pinch of cinnamon too. You can definitely go for a bourbon base, if you have the hots for this drink.

8. Martini

Calorie count: More or less 120 a glass

Dry martini is going to be your thing, if you are looking for a low-cal option. But yes, do take care of the volume.

9. A light beer

Calorie count: 100 a glass

If you can’t do without your beer, then ensure that you go for a light one. Another tip that you can keep handy is to go for wheat brew.

10. A glass of champagne

Calorie count: 90 a glass

If you like to keep it classy, then cling on to a glass of champagne. But, if you are new to the world of champagne, then here’s a tip: go for a brut version, because that is extra low on calories.

Apart from this, remember to keep a watch on the number of drinks you are having, the kind of snack you are picking, and don’t forget to eat before you drink it up.

So ladies, this time around, ask the bartender to keep your drinks light and forget about counting calories in alcohol, so that you don’t have to worry about that hangover or your weight the very next day.

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